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By Tubby Isaacs
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Helping people get on, latest.
Ms McVey claimed it was working "much better than the old system" which "kept people out of work" and she said the government was putting £3.1bn into helping people affected by the transition to the new system.

But the Resolution Foundation think tank said less than 20% of affected families are expected to receive support from the government to change to the new system.

People whose circumstances change, who make a brand new claim, or who come off benefits and then go back on to them, will not be protected.
Seen a better job on a fixed term contract? Don't take it.
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Universal Credit is driving women to prostitution says MP Frank Field in astonishing plea to Esther McVey
And MPs gasped as she added: "In the meantime - and I add that perhaps he could tell these ladies, and the work coaches can, that now we’ve got record job vacancies. 830,000 job vacancies, and perhaps there are other jobs on offer."
I can't work out whether she's too thick to understand or whether she just doesn't give a shit. Probably a bit of both.
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mattomac wrote:That number is slightly odd as I'm pretty sure it's the one they often quoted to us when I worked in JCP.
I can certainly remember a figure in the region of 800k quoted more than once in the past by ministers.

To people like these Tory politicians and Mailites etc who say "there are 800k (or whatever) vacancies out there so how can you not find a job?" I would ask them if they have ever found what they are looking for on Amazon or any retail site for that matter, out of stock. There are millions of items there so why haven't they bought a kettle when they are looking for a portable heater? Once you apply filters such as location, look at jobs that suit hours, demand and/or experience, qualifications etc etc, the scope of vacancies dramatically decreases. Then of course, many, many people apply for every job out there so you have to get through both the application and interview stages. But no, it's black and white to these people. There are jobs out there so why aren't the unemployed in one. It's that simple in their minds.
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By Andy McDandy
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Because fucking over ordinary people (Or the Commons) is one thing, but fucking over someone else in the inner room is another.

Watching who's going, can only conclude that they're getting while the getting's good.
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