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By satnav
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mr angry manchester wrote:Why is this allowed? I mean if there was a meeting at work about something I didn't like and I decided to disrupt it by babbling shite, Id get booted out?
I think they should make Nicholas Parson's speaker of the house of commons on a Friday and then he could apply the same rules as they use of 'Just a Minute' as soon as Davies starts to hesitate, deviate or repeat himself he could be ordered to sit down and if he does it again throw him into the tower of London.
By mattomac
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D.C. Harrison wrote:I can get someone being opposed to something as long as they can debate in a civilised and intelligent manner. That's fine, what democracy is about etc.

But this clown is just "I don't like this, but I'm too fucking thick to be able to argue the toss. Hence, I will just babble shite for a hour".
Exactly, this might be incorrect I was going over off the Mirror anyhow his argument to car park charges seemed to be that it didn't effect his local hospital though it might drive up the prices for none carers because they would all park there and block the car park.

It's like I met a Muslim in a supermarket and he wasn't going serve me because I was buying pork type of bullshit.

I can understand being opposed to something but this is just pissing on people's biscuits and saying go eat them.

That first aid one is just odd I really don't see why anyone would oppose that. Mind you the carers one comes close but hey that's money.
By satnav
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Davies really is extremely dishonest, the reason he is opposed to caps being placed on hospital parking is because he believes in free market economics. He would love to see large parts of the NHS sold off to private companies and he would be happy for those private companies to make as much as they like from car park charges but he is unwilling to say so in public so instead he resorts to talking out bills that oppose his ideology.

I would have thought that a group like the freedom association would be all for privatising the health service yet their web page seems to be devoid of any mention of the NHS. Davies has probably advised them to keep controversial policies about the NHS hidden away because no Tory MP would be keen to be linked with a group that was clearly linked to NHS privatisation.
By Andy McDandy
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IIRC his argument against first aid training in schools was that they should concentrate on the 3 Rs because some kids come out not knowing how to spell their name, can't add up without a calculator etc. Usual reactionary bollocks.
By Silkyman
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Re the whole 'cant add up without calculators' argument, there was an article in focus the other month which was basically saying we should forget about teaching kids more advanced maths without calculators and computers. Instead of ploughing through quadratic equations, we should teach how to model them on computers. (I've no idea how they are taught these days. I used a pen and paper) That way you can whiz past something that usually takes a long time to drill in. For the more advanced stuff, most kids will probably never have to know how to do it in real life, and for those who do, they will almost certainly never have to do it without electronic assistance.

Teach the basics at primary school still but advance faster using tech. (Which makes his opposition to the bill even more ridiculous... It was a bill for secondary kids to learn the First Aid.)

I like the idea that you can compress a lot of learning, and then you could bring A-Level stuff back into GCSEs, and then kids with Maths A-levels will already be into degree level stuff.
By mr angry manchester
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But I can still remember Pythagoras theorem, and how ox bow lakes form :D

PS I got an unclassified in GCE maths O Level in July 76, took it again in October the same year and got another unclassified, then finally made it a hat trick of U's in July 77. At that point I thought "fuck it"

I was shit at maths, I once got "0 out of 10 idiot" written on my maths homework. Bet teachers wouldnt be allowed to do that now. Was'nt arsed, thought it was funny
By PaulOnBooks
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crabcakes_windermere wrote:Has anyone considered following Philip Davies about and constantly jumping in front of him whenever he joins any sort of queue, then proceeding to hold things up as much as possible? Ideally in a car as well.
While speaking French :)
By Samanfur
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It starts:
Filibusters: MPs push for end to 'cruel' blocking of Private Members' Bills


Many MPs are furious that the Government appears to praise these bills, but does not rein in an awkward squad of filibustering enthusiasts led by Mr Davies from talking them to death. They think the Government succeeds in appearing not to be blocking well-meaning bills that have cross-party support, even though it has done nothing to help them through Parliament.

It is understood that Mr Walker will ask his committee to look into the issue, with one option being to move Private Members’ Bills debates to Tuesday evenings. Many ministers and backbench MPs are back in their constituencies on Fridays, leaving those who like filibustering to their own devices.

One supporter of Mr Walker’s reforms said that such a move to Tuesday would “force the Government to dip its hands in blood” if it wanted to kill a proposal. The committee could also recommend compulsory voting, though this might require the number of PMBs to be reduced, so that they do not take up so much parliamentary time.
By satnav
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Davies has now re-invented himself as a justice campaigner.

Outrage as 100 dangerous prisoners serving life-sentences for crimes including murder and rape will be let home for Christmas

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z3sshyV8Oe" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The first paragraph reads.
Around 100 prisoners who are serving life sentences will be released from jail at Christmas so they can enjoy a festive break with their families, an MP has claimed.
But by the second paragraph this has become.
Dozens of offenders will be allowed to return home for up to six days in a bid to help them 'take control of their lives'.
So as usual he is just plucking figures from the air to grab a few headlines.

I can't remember him being much of a justice campaigner during the phone hacking scandal, he did everything he could to defend the Murdochs and Brooks when they were being quizzed by the select committee.
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