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By Abernathy
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So, Cameron is practically out the door, and the Tories are going to be looking for a new leader soon.

Their system seems to be that the parliamentary Tory party votes on those that put their names in the frame and narrows the field down to a choice of two, and the swivel-eyed broader membership then gets to make the final choice.

The curious thing today has been that despite all the seismic economic repercussions taking place following the Brexit vote, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has been missing in action for the entire day. One must assume that like Cameron, Osborne is also toast.

So who does that leave to enter the field?

Johnson, obviously.
Gove, probably.
Liam Fox? He's vain enough.
Theresa May? For sure.


Anna Soubry. Could well go for it.
Andrea Loathsome. Could she do a Thatcher and come from nowhere to snatch it?

I dare say that the final two will be Johnson and May.

Any thoughts, watchers?
By mattomac
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Javid was my favourite if Remain had won, not so sure now.

I think May will get it, very quiet campaign for her which will appeal to both the leave voters and the Remain, the latter will probably wish to kick Boris so I think if May can poll enough she will win.

Also as they like nostalgia for the 1970's she has an air of Thatcher about her, probably utterly unelectable also which in turn would take me back to Corbyn's future.

Though looking at all of them, I actually don't think any of them are really an asset.
By Bones McCoy
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It'll be Boris, and we can stand back watching an almost perfect coup by Rupert Murdoch and his minions.

His 2 paid men, Johnson and Gove will have de-facto control of the nation.
His publications will continue to trumpet any achievements, bury and mistakes and blame whatever out groups they choose.
The new leadership will pack their cabinet with some of the most repugnant politicians to ever cross the doors of Westminster.

No election required, the result of 25 years of thinly veiled propaganda, backroom scheming, and commitment to power at any cost.

I for one shall not be welcoming our new wanker overlords.
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