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By mattomac
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Abernathy wrote:Anyone else feeling slightly relieved that Loathsome is not going to be PM?

I do realise it's a bit like being relieved that Fred West has moved in next door instead of Ian Brady, but there you go.
She did scare me ever so slightly, May does come across as an Henry Colleridge type figure mind which does make me wonder.

Anyhow this cheer me up from some days ago....
Louise MenschVerified account
It's not going to be Theresa May, there is no chance.
By Giant f*cking Sudoku
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This is a good day, maybe one of the best politically since 2010. Tory party minus two TV friendly Etonians has been weakened, and the grassroots are up in arms over's Leadsom's 'mummy-gate' (waaaa, Sylvester sleeps with Guardian editors, hissss!) triggered dramatic, ahem, exit.

I can see former Griffin supporting northern Kippers right now, who had a month's worth of dole riding on last week's Leadsom odds. What they can never seemingly understand, is Brexit hit the kind of farming tories that Brady represents, right in the EU subsidy wallet.

Big no no :arrow: Needless to say, Rothermere never really wanted out either...
By Tubby Isaacs
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I think Penny Mordaunt could sneak up on the rails. I'm not sure Gove's going to make the ballot even- probably lost his Brexit appeal by opposing No Deal.

I don't know whether any of them realise what a gift to Corbyn the austerity is now. I'd have thought "Blah blah Labour's mess blah the British people have made great strides but have had enough of it" was sellable to the membership.
By Bones McCoy
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They know they need a character to beat Corbyn.
That's why a lot of MPs will hold their noses and back Boris.

Labour need to dust off the dirt on Boris immediately, or get themselves an improved leader.
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