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By youngian
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If they were full of triumphalism about Brexit they wouldn't be electing Theresa May. It's the Tories hedging their bets in case this shitstorm reaches Middle England. And those earthy patriotic Northern chaps who voted to leave can go and fuck themselves if negative equity takes hold in Chelmsford.
By mattomac
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Yeah it's a very clever plan, if Loathsome is elected and it goes tits up, trouble may lay ahead, with May she can claim her and the Party officially backed Remain.

Expect most of Crabb's votes go to May to sure her position up. Can't see Gove surviving.

May looks good with the members but you never know.
By Winegums
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any chance of a surprise "we're not putting a bloody woman in charge", or do you think they're going to go for "echoes of Thatcher"? god willing it'll cause some sort of nightmareish flashback in the north of the country and they'll go out to vote in droves...
By Giant f*cking Sudoku
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All these JSA UKIP patriots in Sunderland, Wales and so on, fuming they have to pay £25 and wait 3 months to vote for Brexit PM-in-waiting Leadsom, heh :P

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

May's health problems though, I still reckon BoGo could slide back in before 2020 to reassume what he clearly considers his birthright.
By Andy McDandy
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The Sun editorial this morning was in a right strop, demanding that Gove and May face each other off, even though Leadsom scored second with a clear lead over Gove. There's a real possibility that Murdoch will lose his remaining dog in this fight, and he's not happy about that.

I agree with MAM over Theresa May. Heaven knows, I don't like her one bit, but at least she's competent.
By bluebellnutter
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If we were 6 months out from an election, May would be the most concerning prospect as someone who could be seen as capable of winning. However, the idea of up to four years (minimum) of Leadsom or Gove is simply too horrific for words.
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