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mattomac wrote:She might get lucky.
Or the rest of us might get unlucky.
By Matt
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I'm calling TAPS.
There is a view that the internet is in need of a monitor for obscene and adult websites. Outside of cyberspace, we have bodies such as Ofcom and the British Board of Film Classification that continually work to ensure our children are not exposed to the wrong things. This could be implemented in some way online, whereby a website would have to have its content "rated" before being accessible online. While it sounds like a massive leap, the majority of new websites already go through testing when they are hosted to make sure that a site is intact and that files and content are free of viruses. This would simply be adding another check to the list, and in reality it is a burden already carried by film makers.
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By bluebellnutter
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Iain Martin
Just taken delivery of a very interesting letter from someone who worked in the City alongside Andrea Leadsom.
Iain Martin is a regular contributor to Reaction. I'd never heard of it, but it looks like some sort of right-wing blogging site.

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And in reply to that tweet, someone posted this...

By The Red Arrow
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Reasonable Bruce shares his sensible wisdom...

Bruce On Politics
A reasonable person's sensible commentary on the political environmen
Theresa Vs Andrea, the differences
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Aides to @andrealeadsom say @UKIP wd not be part of her Brexit negotiating team.
11:16 pm - 4 Jul 2016
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