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By mattomac
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She is typical of your christian right...

Christian in a mould of their own choosing, very old testament with an occasional mention of Christ.

To Leadsom, nothing is chance, God intended everything. It intended her to have children and a husband, it intended for May not to have kids and why? Well God must have deemed her unworthy. God chose for man and woman to be married, God did not intend for same sex marriages, God tells me this.... Where?

God however is a justification for her dangerous views, she is not stupid, she uses her faith to justify everything were most sane reasonable people would believe that luck and chance plays an element in that.

As some will ask for God to save a penalty, others will also ask god to let that penalty kick go in. God will not justify the one who fails, but potentially God will justify the one who is successful.

Do I believe she is dangerous... Yes, because God can justify anything even war.
By The Rationalist
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The Red Arrow wrote:Oldham UKIP

Even allowing for the fact that they have presumably attempted to find the worst possible picture of May and the most coquettish Loathsome snap they could find, the latter still looks as mad as a March Hare.

I d have a dread sense that Loathsome might win but am hoping that the gin and tonic element Tory Party membership will recognise that only May will keep them together and that there is an increasing distaste with links to the nastier end of the UKIP spectrum.

For what it is worth (and I hang my head in shame) my parents who are both Tory Party Members are unequivocally voting May and have identified Loathsome as a hollow fraud and naked opportunist in the Johnson mould.
By The Red Arrow
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I don't know which is funnier - the account or the fuckwits who turn up to argue with it...

Leadsom's Tips

Mums know best
As a mum who has negotiated vegetable consumption deals with 3 children, I see nothing complex about the situation in Syria.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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mr angry manchester wrote:There's some story floating about over 20 Tory MPs threatening to quit if she becomes leader. What will they do? Join the lib Dems?
Allegedly form SDP2 with Labour centrists, Lib Dems, SNP, Bonzo Dog Band...
By PaulOnBooks
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
mr angry manchester wrote:There's some story floating about over 20 Tory MPs threatening to quit if she becomes leader. What will they do? Join the lib Dems?
Allegedly form SDP2 with Labour centrists, Lib Dems, SNP, Bonzo Dog Band...
Adolf Hitler on vibes.
By The Rationalist
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http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07 ... m-apologi/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Could have been written by Robert Mugabe's Press Officer at his most hagiographic. Incisive journalism my arse!

All the carefully placed refererences - the VW Golf (surely after all those successful years in banking she can afford something better?) and the meeting in the Travelodge with oh so predictable Alan Partridge references.

Does anyone seriously believe this article isn't as much of an establishment stitch up as the alleged smear campaign?
By bluebellnutter
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There's an interesting piece out by Matthew d'Ancona, the token Tory at the Guardian, about Andrea Leadsom

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... p-election" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By mattomac
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Yeah how dare a newspaper ask her questions....

"Where is May? why hasn't she been on Peston and Marr" (Well she was on last week but we will ignore that).

"It's a media bias they wouldn't ask BLIAR or Camoron this".

She wants so hard to be Thatcher but she hasn't the allure, wit or intelligence of Margaret Thatcher and I speak as someone who loathed the woman. She effectively is a cheap knock off like that designer gear you would see in the markets of the late 1980's early 1990's. She happily refused to answer questions on Delia Smith so why was she so gung ho in relation to that one about Children. She knew exactly what she was saying and it has gone down as well as dog mess on a newly purchased carpet.

What seems to be the case and quite a worry for Loathsome is that Tory Membership is mainly very old and very rich people, ironically the only old type who voted Remain in large numbers, her supporters are UKIP members and voters, they aren't even Tory members. Hence why a Leave.EU poll of 5,000 self selected individuals gives Loathsome a 12 pt lead but when you ask a polling company to do the same kind of poll it puts May comfortably ahead.

What this interview shows is either she is to dumb to be PM or she is too naive and incompetent, either way she isn't fit to be leader.
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