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By Arnold
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Minister for Brexit Davis Davis appeared unaware of how EU trade deals actually work
Mr Davis believed it was possible to negotiate one-on-one trade deals as recently as May
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By Arnold
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David Davis: whole government to blame if Brexit goes wrong
Brexit secretary dismisses as ‘conspiracy stuff’ idea that leave campaigners were put in charge so they could be held responsible
So why were you three put in charge?

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... ampaigners" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By youngian
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Exporting cars under WTO rules is not so technical difficult but we are third largest services exporter in the world and economically need the EU far more than Germany. It's not just about the single market but the common external tariff area and over 50 FTAs that give us access to the world's medium size economies.

What Davis fails to understand that whether its services or manufacturing EU countries will have a competitive advantage to eat into the UK's export market and are happy to take a hit on tariffs to the UK. May is going to a gun fight with a water pistol even if negotiations were about economics which they are not. Any concession to the UK is a concession to Alternative Deutschland and Le Pen.
By Kreuzberger
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This bollocks about BMW. Is is naivety or wilful over-simplification?

Of course, BMW want to sell as many cars as possible and they do that by running the lines tooled to deliver the many variants they need. Some for SA, others for the USA, and others still for China, and on it goes. If they find that they are able to sell fewer units in the UK (for GBPs of rapidly diminishing value), they'll simply run the RHD line for less time.

That is a simplification too but a realistic one.
By Silkyman
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£16bn of cars?

Bit of an oversimplication here, but let's say an average new German car is £30k. That makes for more than half a million brand new cars. One in 10 people in the country bought a brand new German car in 2013?

One in ten of every man, woman and child? On average, three of my fife-year-old daughter's classmates bought themselves a BMW?

I see plenty of Renaults, Fiats, Toyotas, Minis, Land Rovers and even the odd Bentley. They all have to come from somewhere, too. But apparently, on average, six people on my street bought a brand new German car in 2013?

Not sure I buy that number.
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