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David Davis: In the end, there was nothing behind the swagger

By the time he started as Brexit secretary, it was not even clear that Davis understood that the Republic of Ireland was a separate country. "One of our really challenging issues will be the internal border we have with southern Ireland," he told Sky's Murnaghan programme in July 2016. This seemed so staggeringly ignorant that it could not possibly be accurate. Viewers maybe presumed he'd misspoken. But then he went on: "We are not going to go about creating other internal borders inside the United Kingdom".

http://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2018/07 ... he-swagger
By Big Arnold
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David Davis On The Brexit Battle Ahead: 40 'Rock Solid' Rebels Are Ready To Vote May's Chequers Deal Down
Why is Davis so confident that his argument will win the day? The answer lies in the response from the public he says he’s had to his resignation. “The day I resigned, I got on the train to go north from King’s Cross and as I got on the train everybody on the train congratulated me.”
Congratulations. About time. You're fucking useless.
My wife was having a new kitchen installed, every time I came home on a Friday there would be a new set of builders, carpenters, decorators, carpet layers, and every single of one of them, without fail 100%, voted Leave. And as I turned up every single one of them raised it in conversation with me
Even the ones about immigration it wasn’t ‘we don’t want all these foreigners here’ it was ‘I haven’t had a pay increase for 10 years and it’s because lots of people have come in to compete on jobs’. A decorator said to me ‘
His reply? "I feel your pain. Increase your invoice by 50%,and I'll happily pay it.". Probably not.

https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/ ... 0dac2c1?fb_
By youngian
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The day I resigned, I got on the train to go north from King’s Cross and as I got on the train everybody on the train congratulated me.

That didn't happen David. Even I don't acknowledge politicians on trains and I know who they are.
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