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By Big Arnold
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. His unique combination of intellect, determination, decisiveness and courage
Dominic Raab has admitted he did not realise "the full extent" of how much UK trade relies on the Dover-Calais crossing.
I hadn't realised there were two Dominic Raabs
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Hmm. Lady Margaret ranked 24th of Oxford colleges, and if memory serves, in those days a BA could be converted to an MA on payment of a small fee and taking a certain numbers of dinners in hall.
By The Red Arrow
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Well, well, well. Look who's back.

I dropped this here as some of you might like a refresher on this titan of the diplomatic universe's previous. Should come in handy for the day of reckoning that will someday come.

He’s a useless drunk. Pissed away his time representing Britain in the early months post ref, ‘negotiating’ with nobody more meaningful than the barman at the Brussels InterContinental.

Should hang his head in shame. The useless drunken bastard

"David Davis"
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