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By MisterMuncher
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There's a guy in the village here with a converted horsebox selling shockingly priced coffee. Grey corrugated steel sides added on for that Citroen vibe, and some seven-eight grand Italian machine to do the business.

The coffee is absolute shit, though. I drink a lot of coffee, from anywhere, all the time, and whilst I'm in no way snobbish about it, this is genuinely horrible, rough, acidic nonsense.
By Samanfur
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Not so much a dog whistle as an air raid siren:
Equality debate can't be led by fashion, says minister Liz Truss

The government is promising to focus less on race, religion, sexual orientation and disability as it overhauls its equality policy.

Minister Liz Truss will say the debate on making society more equal has been dominated by "fashion" and not "facts".

And, she will add, discrimination laws should also take into account people's social background and "character".
"You can't call that racist a racist - they're a good chap who went to public school/They're white and working class, and we have to preserve their delicate culture!"

Delete as applicable.
Debates on equality must "rooted" in "real concerns people face", she will say, adding: "It is our duty to deliver, because if right-thinking people do not lead the fight for fairness, then it will be led by those whose ideas do not work."
As always, the casual drip, drip, drip that the Blue Fairy hasn't turned non-PLU into real boys and girls yet.
By youngian
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Sycophants are praising Truss’s cut and paste trade deals to the sky. In a world of constant disappointment continuity must feel like a victory. Liz Truss PM is no less insane than Johnson holding the office. More banal than May, politically away with the birds like Bozo and weirder than Hague
By Andy McDandy
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How the fuck are they comparing "character" with protected characteristics? If anything it's the polar opposite.

Yeah, yeah, I know, this is more white boys don't feel bad for being thuggish little scrotes shit.
By Tubby Isaacs
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"Real concerns people face" is a cracker, as if the standard equalities stuff is rubbish made up by lefty liberals. I'd like to laugh this stuff off, like Chris Grayling talking about shooting burglars, but the appointment of David Goodhart to the EHCR suggests they're serious.

If she's concerned about social background, Harriet Harman left them with a handy piece of legislation that might do something about that, if they choose to activate the appropriate part of it.
By Tubby Isaacs
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There's a nice trick the gammon have. When somebody remotely left-liberal suggests doing something to make something better, they get told "but you don't care about <insert something they don't like happening now>". Isn't that other thing the government's fault? You'd think it was the lefties who were in power causing that problem.

And maybe lefties do care about it. Perhaps another lefty in the same party has said something about it. But that probably means "you lot are all talk" or something.
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