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By Big Arnold
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The Londoner: Fury at Mogg's DUP dinner with Banks

Local Conservatives are furious about Rees-Mogg’s attendance, with members writing to complain to the Tory Party chairman Brandon Lewis. “I am frustrated and disappointed,” wrote Frank Shivers, a former membership officer of the North Down Conservative Association. “We are running candidates for a local election on May 2 and a senior party colleague is raising money for the DUP.”
https://www.standard.co.uk/news/londone ... 6.html?amp
By Watchman
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A question for our Irish comrades; what's the real reaction over there to Mogg speaking to the DUP, I'm only guessing on this so please amend accordingly, but I see the DUP as the "public face" and assume that there are the real believers in the background who believe that a Catholic should not even be breathing the same air, let alone be in the same room.
By MisterMuncher
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It's *complicated*

"British" probably outweighs "Catholic" on that score, but it's by slightly skewed definition. He's extremely British, talks all posh and all, and a basic drive of the DUP mindset is to treat such people as father figures they must impress. His Catholicism is very much diluted by said Britishness and that he's not one of "themmuns", one of us bog folk that threatens their very existence by simply being here. Curious as it sounds, if it's not an Irish Catholic, or the Pope, even big Ian didn't really give a fuck.

The religious aspect is very definitely intertwined with the political, bit they don't really get properly twisted until there's actual religious services or practices involved. If, say, JRM was to pass away tomorrow in an incredibly gory but nonetheless slapstick gardening accident (a boy can dream), any DUP member attending his funeral would be ostracised from church, fucked out the Orange order and probably quietly deselected. It's a remarkably inhumane faith in that regard (and quite a few others)
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By Biggus Robbus
I am not sure that is the same company. I could be wrong or I could be right.

However Jacob Rees Mogg is being an utter shit by suggesting the Irish government may be involved.

The only reason May got rid of freedom of movement was because the EU, true to its word, put Ireland first by getting the backstop for Ireland and granting May an end to freedom of movement (even Gove was smug about that). Therefore why on earth would the Irish government dick around with this to potentially screw up the backstop?

However who actually wants rid of the backstop?

Rees Mogg. Total piece of shit.
By Big Arnold
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I read somewhere that the government hadn't mentioned Arklow Shipping before for commercial reasons. Which makes no sense to me as the involvement of a chartering business with a known track record makes the original contract more believable.
I don't think we've been told the full story here. Also sure that Rees-Mogg knows more than most about it.
By Andy McDandy
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It means that they'll be standing up the money for any ships the company buys, and a stake in the company. If it read "...both the vessels and...", it would have been clearer.
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