Discussion of the UK Government
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By The Red Arrow
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Reminds me of a huge arsehole I once worked for who placed his monitor behind him to impress and humble visitors to his office with his importance. It just sent out a signal to most of us that he never actually used the computer, it was just a prop. I'm sure others here recall such types, and such cutting edge imagery.

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By Kreuzberger
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Very rarely do I go beyond the one on my 27" imac. I can cut and paste, and that is all I need.

I only lace them up when the shit really hits the fan. The last time, if I recall correctly, was during that hideous, mid-decade terror phase when N24, BFM, and Sky News were buzzing left and right.

That said, I can understand government ministers needing the full suite. Short-selling need precise timing when you are in the business of causing international uproar.
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By Boiler
Families stopping to talk in the street would be in breach of the rule-of-six restrictions, the home secretary has said. Priti Patel told the BBC that two families of four stopping for a chat on the way to the park was "absolutely mingling".
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32. Posted byWelshmark27on
1 hour ago
Know what else is breaking the rules? Bullying civil servants and reneging on legally binding deals.
That's it though, isn't it, the sheer hypocrisy and shamelessness of the UK Government wilfully breaking international law while simultaneously ordering the plebs to snitch on each other for perceived rule breaking.
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