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By Kreuzberger
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75 years after having been bombed and strafed back to its senses, finally, one of the most egregious insults in Germany remains Blockwart. While she is minglin' with the Tufton Steet gang, Patel would do well to remember this.
By Tubby Isaacs
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It writes itself. And she won't be "taking any lectures" from the likes of us.

The attempted silencing consisted of

1) A Labour MP asking a question about race.
2) Her saying she wouldn't listen.
3) Labour MPs writing a letter to her.

Still, at least none of it was "on Twitter".
By youngian
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Mon Oct 05, 2020 11:00 am
What is it with this "I've had to put up with being criticized on Twitter" bollocks? That doesn't make you Joan of Arc.

Measuring the depth of Tory compassion by the actions they take is why millions spend their lives fucking hating them with a passion.
By youngian
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Abernathy wrote:
Mon Oct 05, 2020 12:01 pm
It isn't her "accent" . Her accent has bugger all to do with it. The issue is her lazy speech habit that she's too idle and/or stupid to correct.
Its a provincial MP affectation to generate affinity with constituents. Gavin Williamson is another one, he throws in a strange Midlands drawl that I assume people from Derby speak. I suspect Mahri Black is the worst offender. She’s friends with Clive Lewis who wisely doesn’t do this.
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By Tubby Isaacs
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There are better things to have a pop at than the way somebody speaks, whoever they are. But I agree, it doesn't strike me as an accent thing. Maybe some of the stronger London/Kent/Essex accents, you'd say that dropping the -g was part of that. But that isn't how she speaks. She's from Watford, and has a moderate SE England accent. So it strikes me as a quirk/affectation. As I say, I wouldn't bother to mock that, but it's not unknown for quirks/affectations to get mocked.

Looking at it another way, isn't this the sort of thing that her Telegraph fans go apeshit about in TV presenters?
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