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By MisterMuncher
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As a man said to me earlier.

Johnny Adair was a convicted terrorist, who had theoretical dual citizenship. When things got a bit too hot round home, he shifted over to England and Scotland for a while. Surely one could apply all the same arguments to his situation as Begum, yet I don't remember anyone crying for his passport to be shredded.
By Biggus Robbus
Well she went to Syria and joined a proscribed terrorist organisation. She made that effort. I am pretty sure that's a criminal offence.

However taking citizenship away is irresponsible. It is saying to the Syrian Democratic Forces "Fuck off, she's your problem".

She is a British citizen. Javid is threatening to take away that citizenship without due process. That is an abomination.

If she has to face criminal charges or have her child put up for adoption (preferably her family could step in) then so be it.

Pandering to popular opinion instead of following the rule of law is uncivilized. Isn't that what we hate about ISIS? That their punishments are arbitrary?
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By Andy McDandy
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More I think about it, she may have been under the age of consent, but she's not under the age of criminal responsibility. And sorry, but if we're saying that secondary school children also under 16 know what they're doing when they protest climate change, we can't have it both ways.

Bring her back, try her, if found guilty, jail her. See her kid gets brought up well.
By Catkins
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There is no evidence of any crime apart from those against her, being trafficked and raped. Gobshiteing for ISIS while in their keep? Nah, really.
More like buggering off to Nazi Germany in 1943 to join the Lebensborn programme if the Germans were releasing film footage of concentration camp atrocities, mass slavery and rape, and you found it inspiring.

She hasn't got the same moral culpability as an adult though. And she's our problem, not Syria's, or any other place. And like others I think this is a cynical attempt to break the law so the government can have an inevitable showdown in the courts post-Brexit and attack the Human Rights Act, the ECHR and the Council of Europe.
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By satnav
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It looks to me like Sajid Javid has managed to gain himself lots of good headlines in the right wing press which will help is career prospects if May steps down within the next 6 months, but he knows full well that this case could drag on for a couple of years in the courts but by the time it has finally be resolved it will no longer be his problem.
By bluebellnutter
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Biggus Robbus wrote:
Wed Feb 20, 2019 11:58 am
Apparently the only way she can have her citizenship stripped is if she can obtain the Bangladeshi citizenship of her parents.

Yeah let's shove the problem onto Bangladesh.
Does this mean we can add Bangladesh to the list of far eastern countries Britain would like to do trade deals with post-Brexit who we've managed to piss off in the last week?
By Catkins
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Additionally, at a time when British Jews have concerns with anti-semitism, I don't want a government removing citizenship from people because they might technically have access to another nationality.
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By slilley
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It does seem to create a rather worrying precedent as people have said. There are plenty of laws she could potentially be tried under if there is the evidence to support prosecution. Plenty of people born here, with only British citizenship could find it taken away by shall we say a less benevolent Government in the future. We should tread very carefully on this sort of issue, otherwise these things have a habit of being struck down by the courts. I see commentors on the website of a popular mid market tabloid are already hinting that if this does come to court as surely it will, that the judges had better do the right thing shall we say. As someone who believes in due process and the rule of law, these are not easy times.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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I'm sure that an independent judiciary will not allow this to stand, but as has been said 'the Saj' has made a mark for the slack-jawed mouth breathers to applaud like performing seals, and no matter the legal outcome, a couple of years down the line, his mission has been accomplished.
By Andy McDandy
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I worry that she's being made into a symbol. The one we punish for the collective crimes of the lot. Her actions aside, it's interesting that we single out the 19 year old woman who as far as we know didn't kill anyone. A bit like how Anna Soubry got the abuse outside parliament and the many male remainer MPs didn't.

As said, try her for whatever crimes she may have committed. But I'm very uncomfortable with her being set up as the trophy kill for a predominantly male pack.
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By Samanfur
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She's said as much in the last interview I saw with her. But as with White Van Dan, I genuinely wonder how much interviewers are leading her comments (looking at her thoughts on the Manchester bombing, for instance).

I'm not saying that that would make those opinions any better, but I definitely wonder how much she's being manipulated for either political or journalistic ends.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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When I heard her interview - the part on the Manchester bombing - I thought she said that the people who carried it out thought they were justified. I'm not sure she stated an opinion. But the interview did show that she is a young woman with learning difficulties, and I wonder what could be made of that in a defence.
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