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By Samanfur
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If Philip Davies deserves his own thread, I think that we ought to start one for this bloke.

As Mr. McDandy said previously: for all the BBC hammer on about how he's just a stickler for procedure and objects to Private Members' Bills on principle (which never stops him raising his own), it's amazing how much of what he objects to involves women, gays and non-PLU:
The motion Sir Christopher objected to:

“That this House welcomes the events organised to celebrate women’s suffrage and to mark the centenary of the Representation of the People Act 1918; recognises that the Women MPs of the World Conference provides a unique opportunity to gather parliamentarians from across the world to engage in discussions about equal representation and bring about social change; and accordingly resolves that delegates participating in the Women MPs of the World Conference should be allowed to make use of the Chamber of this House on a day in November other than a day on which this House is sitting or a day on which the UK Youth Parliament is making use of the Chamber.”
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By KevS
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Bullshit. Even I've sat in the Commons at about 1030 on a tour about twenty years ago in the middle of November. The Skinner seat to be honest - he'd already put his little reserve card thing up.
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