Discussion of the UK Government
When I despair of our own team's competence, I find Conservative Home very reassuring.

A thread here for Commentators who've gone to "Upminster and Beyond".
I tried to comment under an article about Ruth Davidson which appears to have censored.
I append it below, is this bilious?
I despair... Now I know that this party that I have supported, canvassed for, argued for over decades is lost. we have lost our ideology when Ruth Davidson is seen as the answer to what can only have been a very stupid question. Ruth Davidson is popular precisely because she does not breathe, eat or drink traditional Conservative ideology. There is the elephant in the room which has to be called out. Ruth Davidson is where she is today because she has abandoned Conservatism in it’s native form. It is analogous to Conservative Europhiles not seeing their true allegiance to the United Kingdom, seeing it better to be hypocritical Europhiles, wanting everything that is European except the currency.
The solution? The True Conservatives must split from these heretics and move on. Being true to our virtues and promulgating what we truly believe in, is at least more honest than the sham role adopted by Ruth Davidson. She is a Scottish Conservative, this definition in itself displays the chasm that various elements within the Party face. We are no longer identified under one flag, so how on earth can we go into battle?
TL/DR: Something not quite right about Ruth. Also - Battle, war, War, WAR!!
And here's a chap who wishes the DUP were present in England, since the Tories lack the moral fibre he's looking for.
The DUP are not citizens of nowhere. They are losing demographically, against a people denoted by religion, as are we. We are natural allies. Alliance with the DUP is vital and a privilege.
As a Brexit leader, Mrs. May is a populist leader, that is her job. She should make more of it. Her "citizens of nowhere" phrase was a start. Perhaps she should take lessons from the DUP.
I thought this "Once the civil war breaks out" was an American thing until
Yes the Corbynista's first purge will be of the naive "intelligensia" which
will include most of the Leftie Elite in the BBC and Guardian.
Owen Jones, one of Corbyn's most supportive apologists, will be one of the
first for the Gulag.. Seamus Milne, ( Wincester and Balliol Oxford), who
controls everything the Mad Marxist does, is no doubt destined to inherit
his father's role as BBC Director General with Auntie rebranded the"Ministry
of Truth" shortened to "Pravda"

Lots to look forward to.
It's reassuring up to the point you then realise these are the people the Government is listening to and not the "experts".

They also chose the Prime Minister.
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bluebellnutter wrote:
Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:35 pm
It's reassuring up to the point you then realise these are the people the Government is listening to and not the "experts".

They also chose the Prime Minister.
And that forum is overwhelmingly in favour of Boris.
I feel that some of the mental shit needs a wider airing.
If you need cheering up: https://www.conservativehome.com/

Today it's a full house of resignations, backstabbing and vitriol.

You'd need that heart of stone ...
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