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By Tubby Isaacs
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Shaun might have a point that this is an inappropriate investment for the TfL fund. But that decision isn't anything to do with Khan. So what's his policy here? That he as mayor will vet pension investments?

I'm guessing that a few central government funds are invested in bad things.

By Tubby Isaacs
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Shaun's back with more commonsense. Here he joins a Tory candidate for the Assembly who's very proud he campaigned to preserve a TFL car park next to a tube station, instead of homes being built on it. You'd think this would tick a couple of public policy boxes.

You'd also think building flats would help a bit with that "debt that Sadiq Khan's run up", but maybe that debt isn't all that serious after all.

By mr angry manchester
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To save up for a deposit on a home in London with current prices would take about 300 years if you were on minimum wage. If you're homeless.....

What fucking planet do these fucking stupid fucks live on?

Words fail me
By Bones McCoy
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:06 pm
Yeah, quite why these homeless people haven't moved their savings into gilts and blue chip stocks is beyond me...
Bitcoin. It's all the Glasgow jakies ever talk about.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Hackney Council are trying to keep traffic away from schools- fairly laudable, you'd think. So they're proposing closing some roads for an hour a day, while the kids are going to and coming homes from schools. London Ambulance Service don't seem to have a problem, but Shaun's found a charity who do and have made (in a pretty broadbrush letter) the claim that these measures will cost lives, even though pollution is currently awful and kills lots of people.

Doubtless, Shaun's spent ages looking at the map and is all over the traffic logistics. He hasn't just thought "War on the motorist!"

By Tubby Isaacs
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Former Hackney Council cabinet member for Transport says he thinks the policy is that the charity's vehicles are exempt from the controls round the schools anyway. So the charity's responders would (for the short time the controls are in operation) get to travel faster down some routes and slower down others. That's not to me clear that there's a safety issue.

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