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They don't. They represent greed, self-interest and fear. Fear of losing what they have and fear of the new/strange/different.

Even my 'best' Tory (my cousin) doesn't come close to a socialist for social awareness and responsibility, though he tries. He isn't quite such a conformist as most, and he's no fan of the present leadership. But he sees his politics as linked to his economic status in a way that I never would.
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In a previous life I knew Sarah Woolaston, and if I saw her now we could have a conversation, albeit about what i was doing since I was a kid, not politics.

I am sometimes minded to write to her and ask her why she was a Tory. Not as an accusation, but out of interest. Tory ideals can be appealing, at least on liberty. But the culture, the Thatcherism, the superficiality of understanding and 'values' that I see in the press... I have to wonder why.
I was thinking of building a series of "What they say - what they do".

For example: They say they are moderate - former foreign secretary holds meetings with a leading white supremacist campaigner.
Big Arnold wrote:
Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:55 pm
Clarke and Heseltine have been on the right side of a few serious issues.

Hardly core party members now though.
By youngian
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May is where she as her BlueKIP nativist policy lost her 28 seats to gain six from Labour.

I'm not sure whose she is trying to appeal to but probably people who consider themselves 'middle-of-road' who 'didn't mean you' to the Polish neighbour whose life they've turned upside down. Kind and sympathetic on a personal level but fearful, dim and narcissistic when asked to empathise two-steps ahead.
In my time at Warwickshire council I worked a lot with councillors, including Izzi Secombe, Tory and current head of the LGA.

My experience? Tories know how high to jump. Then again, getting her started on Cameron, Osborne or Pickles was hilarious.
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