Discussion of the UK Government
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Kreuzberger wrote:
Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:15 pm
Sky have form for this. Gordon Brown with the granny-gammon?

Both gaffes stand the test of time as fair comment. Either Gillian Duffy wisely turned down media offers to be the straight-talking voice of common sense or focus groups voted overwhelmingly that she was a horrible old bat.
Heard someone on an LBC phone in opine that the best possible new Tory Prime Minister would be Johnson because he can be relied upon to make an almighty arse of just about everything, leading to a collapse of the Tory government in short order. Probably starting with making it official policy actively to pursue a hard /no deal Brexit that will see sensible Tories like Grieve, Lee, and Greening deploying parachutes out of the party.
Maybe. I'm surprised that Greening hasn't gone already, so I'm not sure what the threshold would be.
Go Esther go..
You've got no chance, you're making too much sense..
They'd rather back a loser like Hunt
I think you should be made queen Esther 1 of the 2nd civil war, against the new rump parliament
After what happened to Charles 1, bring it on.
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