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By Arrowhead
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If it’s true that nearly double the required constituents ended up signing the recall petition, then that already suggests a large number of pissed-off voters in the locality. Rich pickings for the Lib Dems, potentially.

My Brexity neighbour has already posted on Facebook this morning that the high number of signatures is proof of, and I quote, “tens of thousands of incandescent Leavers desperate for the opportunity to vote for their first ever Brexit Party MP”. I suppose Leave voters clamouring to unseat an ERG Tory would be an fittingly shambolic way for new PM Boris Johnson to begin his premiership.
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By Catkins
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It is a huge constituency - and there were not many sites where a vote to recall could be registered. There were suspicions that it would be hard to get enough votes which probably led to the cross- party cooperation.

Interesting titbit from my relatives on the ground: Chris Davis was dobbed in to the police by his constituency office secretary who feared she'd get the blame for the expenses fiddling. Apparently he was a horrible boss.
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By youngian
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Even Mark Reckless belatedly realised the problem and signed a report supporting Welsh farming staying in the Single Market

Notoriously thirsty Reckless confirmed on QT he hasn’t touched a drop for five years. The world looks much clearer when you’re not hammered by lunchtime.
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