Discussion of the UK Government
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By mattomac
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They would be stupid, there is a sizeable majority that will never vote Tory, also bringing Cummings into the fold will not have pleased Tice, Banks or Farage.

Also can we call it a "Remain Alliance", there isn't much that is progressive about Independence in Wales, paint a sheep in rainbow colours is about the total sum of it.

Independence in both Scotland and Wales is as progressive as Brexit, and it's the same arguments, I totally understand them, I just don't see the EU accepting the idea of them joining as easy as many think it will.
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By Tubby Isaacs
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Just like Mrs Thatcher brought devolution back from the dead, Brexit's done the same with Indy. I thought seriously about voting Plaid Cymru in the Euros but went Lib Dem because I was sending a message and the only way to understand a Labour voter going Lib Dem is Brexit.

I really dislike Scotland's politics whereby everything is evaluated in terms of union/independence. I'd not want that in Wales at all, so I hesitate over Plaid for that reason. And I take "lesser of evils" very seriously, even with Jez in charge. But as thing's stand I think I'll vote Plaid in a general election, especially if it's Remain Alliance. We're next door to Brecon and Radnor, and the Lib Dems really ought to reciprocate. If they don't, then they don't deserve votes anyway.
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