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By Arrowhead
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Thu Aug 01, 2019 10:45 pm
Wish I hadn't looked at Adrian Masters again. Tories reckon theve got most in Hay and Rhayader, which are like Las Vegas compared to most of the area. Lib Dems ought to get votes there.
Already dismissed as "bollocks" by local Lib Dems at the count...........they're becoming quite fond of that word recently, aren't they? :lol:

Sounds like Labour will do well to retain their deposit tonight. To be expected, but rather grim nonetheless.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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'Looks like a Lib Dem gain'

The view from a former aide to Theresa May
BBCCopyright: BBC

Chris Wilkins, from Barry, former director of strategy for Theresa May, says: “I think at this stage of the evening it probably looks like a Liberal Democrats gain, but maybe with a smaller majority than they would have hoped.

"I think that will allow the new prime minister to say that he has managed to get the Conservative vote up and squeeze the Brexit Party vote.

"If that’s the result, there’s something in there for everyone in that outcome.”
By Malcolm Armsteen
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A bit awkward. The returning officer did the business in Welsh, and the broadcasters don't seem to have had anyone able to translate. Except for MLRP and UKIP which he announced in English. A bit weird.

Lib Dem 13,826
Tory 12,401
Brexit 3,331
Labour 1,680
MRLP 334
UKIP 242

LDEM: 43.5% (+14.3)
CON: 39.0% (-9.6)
BREX: 10.5% (+10.5)
LAB: 5.3% (-12.5)
MRLP: 1.0% (+1.0)
UKIP: 0.8% (-0.6)

Labour retain their deposit by 0.3%
By Arrowhead
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Seems that the LD’s have taken this seat by a margin of around 1,400 or so votes.

A better than expected showing for the Tories, although this period is probably (hopefully!) the peak of the so-called “Boris Bounce”.
By youngian
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In a Brexit context the Leave Vs Remain vote was fairly static compared to 2016. I’d be interested to know which side was making up the record by-election turnout (60%). The Tories would have won if the Brexit vote was lower so the message for Johnson is go full speed for No deal. Lets see how that goes down in a suburban Tory marginal. As for Labour they were 4% ahead of the Monster Raving Loonies. A vindication of Corbyn’s inspirational leadership.
By Arrowhead
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Fri Aug 02, 2019 1:33 am
Not all that many Remain votes altogether because it's only a slightly Brexitty seat. The defeated Tory must be confident if winning next time.

But good that Remain did win.
Yeah, it would have been nice if Remain had outgunned Leave, but I suspect that big rural constituencies like this one are not likely to see any huge shifts.

Still, the Remain Alliance succeeded in its primary objective, namely that of pushing a solitary pro-European party over the finishing line.
By Snowflake
Brexiters this morning bemoaning the fact that their vote was split. My guess is it won't be too long now before the right wing media start calling for an alliance to happen. They will even broker the bloody deal themselves if they need to.

Great also that the remain alliance proved effective. The Lib Dems however shouldn't take it for granted that the smaller parties are going to stand aside every time. At some point they are going to need to demonstrate a willingness to reciprocate.
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