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By Snowflake
As long as Johnson isn't setting the agenda, I feel a lot easier. Norman Smith on the BBC news a bit earlier remarked that his strategy appears to have blown up in his face. So far so good it seems.
By Bones McCoy
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KevS wrote:
Tue Sep 03, 2019 8:06 am
God knows what happens then. I suppose we're back to does the Government follow the legislation or not?
If no deal is voted down, Johnson cannot command a majority and he cannot find 2/3 to calla general election then he is stranded.
He will have lost control of the situation.
His tame weasels will doubtless fish for procedural get-outs, appear on the news and reassure us all that this is perfectly normal.
But his strategy of rolling one crisis over another to avoid scrutiny will have failed.

This sets the situation back to the Macron meeting.
"Listen Pierre, Let's negotiate a better deal".
"OK Rosbif, let's hear your plan".

We've suspected that there is no plan.
This is Johnson's last chance to deploy his plan and deliver a deal.
Either that or proceed with his program of frankly Corbynesque spending on NHS, Schools and Police.
By crabcakes_windermere
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I reckon if BJ loses today then also can't pass a GE motion, he may go for a second referendum before he can be VONCd. It'll be his only route left to staying in power, he knows everyone wants it so it will pass, and Cummings will tell him he can win it and put an end to any suggestion the will of the people isn't still to leave (and Cummings will assume he really can win it because he'll be planning to cheat and gerrymander it as much as possible).

Johnson will blame literally everyone that he's had to do it, and Farage/JRM will whine and moan but they'll begrudgingly support it over allowing a Corbyn (or other) caretaker govt. to kill no deal and then set up a referendum on their own terms.
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