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By Samanfur
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I noticed that we haven't got a thread for this chap. Since he doesn't seem to've sunk as far into obscurity as we'd have hoped - and especially since he's now in a cabinet that'll encourage his dog-whistling tendencies - maybe we should start one:
Meanwhile, Zac Goldsmith has been appointed as a parliamentary under-secretary of state at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Department for International Development.
By Arrowhead
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The chances of Zac Goldsmith retaining his Richmond Park constituency at the next election are practically zero IMO. He'll soon be on the outside looking in once again, which is precisely where he belongs after his disgraceful mayoral campaign.

Unlike so many of the other Johnson appointments this week, this is one we don't need to lose any sleep over.
"Boris" Johnson

Given the party membership, it'd be Patel.

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