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By Abernathy
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For some reason my loathing for this guy is boundless.

I've just noticed that he is one of those weird men that seems to have precisely the same haircut that he has had since he was about six.
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By youngian
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Watchman wrote:
Fri Oct 25, 2019 7:34 am
A very unpleasant person.
MP for the constituency I grew up in, many people I know have encountered him and are of a similar view
Were the rejected candidates thicker and more reactionary than Bridgen? Or maybe too rational and thoughtful for the Romford Tory association. Bridge told farmers that Brexit would see foreign apples banned so they could sell more. Do his Tufton Street free-market headbanger pals just like teasing him? "Yeh we're bringing back Corn Laws, Andrew."
By Samanfur
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Trying to start something with John Bercow on Bercow's last day.

Bercow gave even less of a flying flamingo than usual:
Mr Bridgen, one of Mr Bercow's most vocal critics, claimed the speaker had ignored complaints about Mr Vaz's conduct.

That triggered a furious response from Mr Bercow, who accused the North West Leicestershire MP of "extreme folly and sheer nastiness" in his approach to the issue and told him that he "obviously thinks [his opinion] is enormously important and interesting, although it may not be enormously important or interesting to anyone else".
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