Discussion of the UK Government
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Tue Dec 15, 2020 7:47 pm
I would challenge the idea that Williamson looks normal.

He looks dim and unpleasant, at school he would bully the clever kids and harass the girls.

He has sociopath written all over him.
I'm not convinced that's the political drawback that it ought to be.
Kreuzberger wrote:
Tue Dec 15, 2020 8:43 pm
Note the "basic salary" bit. What he'll have creamed in the last nine months is anyone's guess. I doubt he'll be scratching around for work, anytime soon.
You can add in the "dividends" he'll be claiming form his Russian airline venture.
Gavin Williamson has done his usual trick of making a major announcement on schools on the very day that most schools break up. He was totally opposed to schools closing early for Christmas but now he has ordered all secondary schools to have a staggered return to allow for a testing system to be introduced in schools. The plans look like they were worked out on the back of a cigarette packet with Nick Gibb saying this morning the testing would be carried out by volunteers who would not have to be police checked because they would be supervised at all times!
Random volunteers without DSB collecting the contact details of schoolchildren? What could possibly go wrong?
I've been Kremlin watching.

Yesterday and this morning Williamson was reported to be out of his office canvassing Tory MPs to support him in keeping schools open against the advice of SAGE and the wishes of 'senior' cabinet colleagues - presumably everybody except Ricky Sunshine.

He gave a statement to the House which described the number of schools that would delay opening as 'small'.

This clearly against the advice, Tier arrangements and cabinet views. He promised that the list of closed schools would be published on the DfE website immediately. It wasn't, causing considerable annoyance in the teaching profession and amongst parents.

The list was eventually published, and is much larger than 'small'. I read that as being a struggle (probably with No. 10) over the size of the list, which Gav the Chav comprehensively lost.

In the real Kremlin that would mean a nice dacha and a long retirement, but in the present government, who knows? His loyal arselicking support is no longer needed to achieve Brexit...
I would laugh so much if Johnson suddenly fired his entire cabinet and replaced them with moderates now the job's done, but somehow I don't see that - and are there any moderates left anyway?
It's a fine state of affairs when the likes of the Maybot is starting to look like a moderate in comparison with the rest of them.
Cyclist wrote:
Wed Dec 30, 2020 7:29 pm
It's a fine state of affairs when the likes of the Maybot is starting to look like a moderate in comparison with the rest of them.
Who had a pop at Starmer today - the usual Tory "I'll take no lessons from..." stuff. Well, if you'd stood up to the ERG and wound their fucking necks in when you had the chance... :evil:
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