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I saw Williamson on BBC breakfast this morning and he was a total prick. The interviewer raised genuine concerns about how the testing programme had been rushed out without proper planning and preparation and Williamson basically argued that if there were any problems it would be purely down to school staff not being able to follow simple instructions and if necessary he would send in military personnel to 'hold their hands.' He told lie after lie but sadly the interviewer wasn't sufficiently well briefed to pull him up on his lies.
Lots of fuss being made about this.
I think it's a result of Williamson taking on the top half of the cabinet, so he's obstructing their intentions.
I've got a fairly clear idea of how much work heads and senior leadership teams have done on this, over a holiday period they desperately needed.

Williamson is the cunt's cunt.
Having made so many 'U' turns which could have easily been avoided Williamson has now backed himself into a tight corner. There really is a strong argument to scrap this years 'A' level and GCSE exams because of all the disruption that students have already suffered with more disruption possible in the next couple of months. But Williamson is likely to soldier on with the exams until the last possible minute which would result in a repeat of last years fiasco. I'm sure most teachers would rather spend the next 5 months carrying out assessments and gathering together evidence so that they can come up with robust grade predictions rather than wasting time preparing students for exams that might never happen.
And if you need further evidence of what a murderous cunt (and I know what I'm saying) this man is, read his reasons for the shutdown.

Nothing to do with the safety of kids and staff...

https://www.tes.com/news/london-u-turn- ... s-says-dfe
And what's going on in the rest of the country?

The news recently has all been about London primary schools. What about the schools in the rest of the country that are supposed to be opening next week? Schools which are in utter chaos because of one dogmatic incompetent turd. Where's the direction for schools in other tier 4 areas? Williamson is not the Secretary of State for Education in London, he is, god help us, the Secretary of State for Education. Full Stop.
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