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Not quite one for Hoey but the Standard's clueless take on it
Brexit-backing London Labour MP Kate Hoey has been denounced by her own local party in a public statement.

Vauxhall Labour Party said she was at odds with local members by not opposing the government enough about child refugees and the residency rights of EU nationals when the UK leaves the EU.

“On these issues we do not believe that our Member of Parliament is effectively representing the views of either our members or our wider communities,” it said, saying the statement was agreed at a meeting of all members.

The attack will increase fears among MPs that grass roots Labour activists are preparing to target centrist MPs for deselection. ... 76811.html" onclick=";return false;
Comments beat me to it
Hoey is no "centrist" nor is she being targeted in some Momentum inspired left-wing campaign. She is universally detested across the Labour party and by all wings of the party - not least for her Brexiteering (supping champagne with Farage whilst cruising up the Thames), accepting donations from UKIP paymaster Aaron Banks, but also her reactionary views on hand guns, grammar schools, hunting, etc. I'm surprised it has taken the Vauxhall party so long to boot her out. If she wants to espouse UKIP-views, she should go join them. The sooner she, and the similarly revolting Gisela Stuart, are deselected the better.

Kate Hoey a centrist? She is a horrid little old beastie that is not in politics for the people.
And don't give me this wave of anti liberalism bull, people vote for change, usually because they want things to be better for themselves, stupid people vote blindly for change and you end up with Trump and Brexit. And Kate Hoey is in it very much for herself. Centrist my arse.

Centrist? She campaigned for leaving the EU, promulgating all the "alternative facts" which that campaign uttered. Meanwhile her constituents voted nearly 80% for Remaining in the EU. She consorted with fascists and assisted in the passage of funding to a competing political party. She took donations from Arron Banks, principal funder of UKIP. She is an active supporter of hunting with dogs, which is overwhelmingly rejected by her constituents and almost all of the country. She's opposed to the smoking ban and gun control. All in all, I don't think you need to be a Momentum member to want rid of her
If it was a coup by Momentum types there'd be uproar among many Labour MPs.

Hoey strikes me as the sort none of them will lose sleep at seeing the back of anytime soon.
Six Labour MPs voted against guaranteeing EU citizen rights.

Kate Hoey (surprise!)
Graham Stringer
Giesla Stewart (why?)
Frank Field,
Kelvin Hopkins,
Rob Marris

Edit: But kudos to Alex Chalk and Tania Mathias, the only two Tories to support EU residents.
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Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins says he welcomes A50 as it will "make possible the socialist future I and others have worked for all our lives"
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