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Labour's Long-Bailey: 'we want to have our cake and eat it' on Brexit ... and-eat-it" onclick=";return false;

Do these people not realise what the phrase "have your cake and eat it" actually means? Do they genuinely not understand English as a language? FFS!
I think she may be suffering from metaphoritis :
Asked if that put her in the same policy position as Boris Johnson, who first used “cake and eat it” as his approach for Brexit, Long-Bailey said: “We need to be flexible. We’ve got to not cut our nose off to spite our face.”
The "have your cake and eat it" thing always used to puzzle me too because of the lazy/stupid way it was used - isn't it bleeding obvious that if you eat your cake, you don't have it any more? That it's physically impossible?

See also : "I could care less" and "cheap at half the price".
Brexit and ending FoM will bring jobs to Doncaster, honest Caroline Flint tells her constituents
Labour MP warns her party that thwarting Brexit bills makes them 'look like liars'

“I promised to work for the best deal for jobs in Doncaster, to protect workers’ rights, to end free movement, and no second referendum – that is Labour’s position too.”

She then spoke about voting down Tory legislation on Brexit after shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said his party would vote against the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, unless Theresa May made major changes to it.

Labour has demanded the bill includes full protection of British workers’ rights and is looking to stop the Government gaining “Henry VIII powers”.

But Ms Flint said: “We cannot spend the next 18 months voting down every one of the Tories EU Bills. If we do so, we will look like liars. ... ir-starmer" onclick=";return false; ... ir-starmer" onclick=";return false;
Staying in customs union after Brexit would be a disaster, says Labour's Gardiner

This is because Brussels bureaucrats can impose neoliberalism according to Barry Benn
I just want to point out the issues around the customs union, we leave the customs union because only member states of the European Union are members of the customs union.

So the EU could do a deal with another country – let’s say America – which we would be bound by in the UK, we would have to accept the liberalisation of our markets, we would have to accept their goods coming into our markets on the terms agreed by Europe which could be prejudicial to us but we would not have the same access into America’s markets, we would be bound to try and negotiate it but why would America give us that access when it’s got all the liberalisation of our market that it wants. It’s a disaster. ... CMP=twt_gu" onclick=";return false;

How would those prejudicial terms be agreed when parliament and the Government have a veto? And what sort of extra muscle does Gardiner think the UK will have to dictate terms to the US?

Meanwhile, Barry Hayek berates the government for being too crap to deliver 'frictionless' trade in goods and services
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Barry Gardiner‏ Verified account

"No to the single market
No to the customs union
No to the European Court."
& perhaps Bill Cash might have added
"No to prosperity & jobs"

3:02 PM - 7 Dec 2016
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From December last year. This is awkward.
What they're not getting (deliberately) is that Corbyn answered a question about Freedom of Movement with a rant about what sounds like a gangmaster situation, which isn't at all typical of freedom of movement. We'd call that a dogwhistle if somebody else did it.

He'll have corrected the wrong impression he gave to lots of people by now, right?

Maybe he'll have explained why unions and worker protections couldn't have been made to work against his horror show example too.
Gardiner is sort of right by claiming EEA option is like a vassal state status but even that is preferable to Brexit.

What I want to know from Corbyn and Gardiner is whether they want me to lie to voters on the doorstep about Brexit and tell them its all going to be great or show them all the available evidence as to the disaster they are supporting.

The same article for 50 years from the Morning Star. The last part made me laugh
The Single Market Will Not Tolerate Socialist Policies

A Labour government in Britain, the fifth-largest economy in the world, would represent a threat to the neoliberal EU. Labour Britain outside the EU represents the possibility for the establishment of a strong European-wide alliance of socialist parties and a brake on neoliberal policy making within Europe.

What could never be reformed from within may very well be reformed by the constructive example of a successful socialist country outside the EU and outside its single market. ... t-policies" onclick=";return false;
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