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Can anyone tell em what our position on Brexit is? We have Starmer and others saying we'll have a soft brexit and McDonnell still saying it will be hard. Either way I worry it could backfire on us.

Then there's this open letter. ... SApp_Other" onclick=";return false;
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Meanwhile in Unite Gerard Coyne has been sacked, officially for data protection misuses, unofficially because he stood against McCluskey. ... ace-sacked" onclick=";return false;

A senior Unite official who lost a close battle with Len McCluskey to lead Britain’s biggest union has been sacked.

Gerard Coyne, who was the union’s West Midlands regional organiser, was told that he must leave after 28 years for the misuse of data.

He lost out in the April election by fewer than 6,000 votes after challenging McCluskey’s leadership.

The union election was described as a battle for the heart and soul of the Labour party, which Unite bankrolls with £1.5m a year.
By Littlejohn's brain
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Seamus getting all excited at the thought of purging political opponents. ... 0d37527e?t" onclick=";return false;
Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters are seeking to stamp his authority on Labour with a “purge” of the party’s HQ and a fresh move to clip the wings of deputy leader Tom Watson, HuffPost UK has been told.

In a bid to build on the Labour leader’s acclaimed general election campaign, senior figures are determined to oust general secretary Iain McNicol and key officials.

Corbyn allies are also set to launch a fresh move to sideline Watson by creating a new post of female deputy leader, to end the ‘male duopoly’ at the top of the party.

Labour MPs and other ‘centrists’ are dismayed that the leadership is turning to internal party issues just at a time when the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) is more united than ever and Theresa May is under real pressure.
By youngian
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Labour MPs and other ‘centrists’ are dismayed that the leadership is turning to internal party issues just at a time when the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) is more united than ever and Theresa May is under real pressure.

Quite is there any mood for these energy sapping shenanigans at the moment? And the bigger PLP we now have has made Corbyn's authority potentially weaker in the Commons if it kicks off.
By youngian
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I was expecting higher lexit support but not much
Support for Britain to remain in the EU single market and customs union is overwhelming among Labour party members, according to a poll showing that more than eight out of 10 think the UK should stay in Europe’s key trading blocs.

The figures, from research carried out as part of the Party Members Project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and shared exclusively with the Guardian, also show heavy backing for a second referendum.

The figures could pile pressure on Jeremy Corbyn over his party’s position on Brexit, which is currently against maintaining full single market membership, because he is determined to determined to give members a bigger voice.

The Labour leader told his party’s MPs on Monday night that the party had 560,000 members whom he wanted to be actively engaging with.

On Brexit, the survey revealed that their views are fiercely pro-EU, including that:

49% of members think there should “definitely” be a vote on the final Brexit deal, with a further 29.4% answering “more yes than no” to the question, and only 8.8% definitely opposing it.
Two-thirds of members (66%) think Britain should definitely stay in the single market with a further fifth (20.7%) saying “more yes than no” to the question. Only 4.2% of Labour members said they definitely believed Britain should leave the grouping.
There were similar levels of support on the customs union with 63.1% saying Britain should definitely stay within the group, 22.2% leaning towards the same position, and only 2.4% saying the UK should definitely leave it. ... gle-market" onclick=";return false;
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