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By D.C. Harrison
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Samanfur wrote:Is that the same event as the 'Tories Out!' demonstration at Castlefield? It's on the same day.
Not sure. They were outside the back entrance of the Town Hall on Tuesday handing leaflets out and I only had a quick look, as it was pissing down with rain (natch) and I wanted to get inside.
By youngian
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Good news on policy support for Labour but work to do on convincing people Labour are a government in waiting (weren't Kinnock's policies were more popular than the Tories?). If Jez really wants the top job he knows what he must do: Demote McDonnell, Abbot and Thornberry and bring in some big guns in like Benn.
The British public has given overwhelming backing to major parts of Jeremy Corbyn’s policy agenda, new polling has revealed.

The exclusive survey for The Independent shows the Labour leader’s plan to cap the excessive pay of “fat cat” executives is among the most popular proposals – winning backing from 69 per cent of people.

Mr Corbyn’s call to scrap tuition fees altogether is also backed to some degree by a majority,

Nationalising the railways also received majority support, with 55 per cent of the public saying they backed it either “strongly” or “somewhat”, while nationalising utilities “such as water and electricity” won the approval of 57 per cent in the weighted poll.

Asked “do you see the Labour Party as a government in waiting”, 44 per cent of people said no, while 33 per cent of people said they did and 24 per cent said they did not know. ... 49471.html" onclick=";return false;
By lord_kobel
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lord_kobel wrote:Might head down to this in a couple of weeks:" onclick=";return false;
So, is anyone going to this tomorrow? I'm down in Brighton for my birthday today, so not sure if I'll be down again tomorrow but either way I probably won't be able to get on here much.
By Silkyman
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Presumably because hey know that there is increasingly large support for trying to stop the whole thing and don't want it to risk dear leader's anti EU attitudes.

Fuck you then, Labour. And fuck you Corbyn. You own this brexit clusterfuck every bit as much as Farage, Johnson and the rest of the right wing Tory cunts you laughably claim to 'oppose'.

You're a fucking joke.

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