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By youngian
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In the light of US politicians always name dropping Churchill the New Yorker has written a warm and perceptive profile of Clem Atlee.

Never Mind Churchill, Clement Attlee Is a Model for These Times

Eor anyone with what used to be called “progressive tendencies,” the best, if largely overlooked, book of last year was surely John Bew’s biography of Clement Attlee, the leader of the British Labour Party

After the war, Attlee went to work as what would now be called a community organizer in the London slum of Stepney, which remained his spiritual home for the rest of his life. Bew, a professor of history and foreign policy at King’s College, London, reminds us that Attlee came of age at a time when Marx was seen as only one, and not the most important, of the fathers of the socialist ideal.

Attlee, who saw through and rejected the Soviet totalitarian model early, schooled himself on the British alternatives—on the works of William Morris and Edward Bellamy, who dreamed of rebelling against the regimentation that was implicit in the industrialized system rather than of simply switching around the hands that controlled it. William Blake was one of the names that Attlee most often cited. (It was he, as much as anyone, who made Blake’s mystic poem “Jerusalem” the anthem of the Labour Party.)

This vision was in many ways unreal, but the unreality blossomed in practical terms: Attlee saw socialism as the pursuit of a nameably better life, not as a search for another master. “Citizenship” was his key term, and the ideal, as Bew explains, was one in which “the state and the individual needed to serve in the name of a broader democratic community.”

Working his way through Labour’s already madly factional squabbles and splits, Attlee became leader by virtue of his obvious integrity and his ability to talk to all sides. ... hese-times
By Arrowhead
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Very interesting to see Clive Lewis coming back into favour, bearing in mind he was one of the most vocal Article 50 rebels last year. Can only assume he has accepted this position because he was given some cast-iron assurances regarding Labour's Brexit plans........

Either that or he just wanted to hang out with the cool kids again.
By bluebellnutter
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Remember one of the defining images of the 2017 General Election night when Nick Clegg lost his seat?

Be careful what you wish for.

By Winegums
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He's not great, but then again it was never a seat we expected to win. He's obviously new to the job and might be shit, and if he's shit he should go. I'd still take a shit Labour MP over Loser Clegg.

In brighter news the NEC elections have been an overwhelming success for the left of the party. I do wonder if Izzard will keep going at this in perpetuity. He's announced his intention to run a third time.
By Arrowhead
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It's difficult to see how a Sheffield Hallam by-election can be avoided now, unfortunately. Goodness only knows how that would pan out, with its sizeable student population Labour ought to be confident but on the other hand the Lib Dems are obviously still pretty strong there. Apparently the Lib Dems already have a candidate in place since November.

Wino, I understand your point re Clegg. Like most others on here, I found it difficult to muster any real sympathy for him last June. However, the problem with O'Mara is not just that is he a crap MP, he is a crap MP who doesn't even attend the HoC. There have been some frighteningly close votes recently, and his absence makes a real difference.
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