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youngian wrote:
Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:23 pm
All the leadership contenders are navigating the media better than Corbyn. Blairites!
TBH this isn't exactly a high-bar to achieve.
They'd pretty much have to excavate the bar first, it's that low.

It is remarkable though. Corbyn was in role for almost 5 years, and in that time developed precisely no strategies for dealing with negative news stories. No response team. No attempt to get the press onside. No reorganisation of staff when journalists have gone to them for comment and been left hanging. Nothing, outside of strops. It reminds me of this:

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Good point, Crabbers. And yet, we also had the endless whining from The Cult that the saintly twat had been uniquely persecuted by "the MSM".

The truth is that Corbyn granted the news media so many opportunities to have a go at him that it was like shooting fish in a barrell for them.

ETA : This blog entry is worth a read.

https://davidbeesonrandomviews.blogspot ... UnGS1Ec2y8
By Boiler
Abernathy wrote:The truth is that Corbyn granted the news media so many opportunities to have a go at him that it was like shooting fish in a barrell for them.
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Current state of play with nominations:
  • Keir Starmer: 88
  • Rebecca Long-Bailey: 33
  • Lisa Nandy: 31
  • Jess Phillips: 23
  • Emily Thornberry: 23
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Jess Phillips is Labour's version of Boris Johnson apparently.

http://averypublicsociologist.blogspot. ... llips.html
"You have to be willing to talk about the things people wish weren't there." For once, I quite agree with how Jess Phillips puts it in her slick campaign video. And so in this spirit, we should have a brief but warts and all look at her career, her campaign, and her politics.

Unlike Ian Lavery or, for that matter, Keir Starmer, there's no single burning reason ruling out Jess from standing. There's a multitude of them. Let's see. There's the dishonesty, the scabby behaviour, the overweening narcissism, the racism, the lying, and the chummy relations with the right wing press. Bad enough to make even a Tory MP blush, I'm sure you would agree.

Apt then her dishonesty extends to the very organisation of her leadership campaign. Former Grimsby MP Melanie Onn has spent the time since the election bleating about how we "can't afford internationalism" and that the second referendum did for Labour. All bitter digs at Jeremy Corbyn and the left and, by extension, Keir Starmer's campaign. It also happens Jess Phillips was also an enthusiastic advocate for this positioning. And yet, Mel Onn is now Jess's media spox talking about how she is the best thing since sliced bread. Either she has had a Damascene conversion to her boss's strategic nous, or it only really mattered because Corbyn was doing it.
Funny that. I don't remember a person having a multitude of reasons why they shouldn't be leader being an issue up until recently.
Unlike Ian Lavery or, for that matter, Keir Starmer, there's no single burning reason ruling out Jess from standing. There's a multitude of them.
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This came to the attention of my CLP last night.

They're not even an affiliated organisation, so this is worth nothing in any case. Heavens forbid that they just let the members make their own minds up.

I'd laugh, but my CLP has to deal with these people's mess, and it's not funny:
Labour leadership: Momentum faces backlash over ‘ludicrous’ ballot of members

The left-wing group Momentum is facing a backlash over its “ludicrous” ballot of members for the Labour leadership, with just one option for both leader and deputy leader roles available to supporters.
That ballot in full:
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I'd support Rayner but still vote No to screw the result. Burgon must feel very slighted as well when even Momentum are throwing him over the side. And its fair guess that the sort of members who take this ballot seriously are Burgon supporters.
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Trade expert, Lisa Nandy, is telling "Labour" how it's done.
She says Labour needs to think harder about what trade deals achieve. They are big and clunky, focusing mostly on agriculture. They do not focus on the trade that actually takes place. She says when Rolls-Royce sells products, 80% of the value comes from services.
It's almost like other places protect their services by trying to keep them out of trade deals or something.
Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:19 pm
That's an interesting definition of dishonesty there. It's... emoloying somebody who disagreed with her on something.
To misquote Mandy Rice-Davies she would say that wouldn't she. I mean my former MP confirmed it has having happened.
Oh fuck. ... narrowing/
Labour’s leadership race appears to be far from settled with Rebecca Long-Bailey coming out just ahead of her opponents on the basis of first preferences in a new poll of party members – with Keir Starmer close behind.

Long-Bailey, who is on the Labour left and widely seen as a Corbynite, has had a slow start to her campaign – but was still the most popular first-ranked contender in a survey of LabourList readers conducted by Survation and weighted to reflect the membership.

If the election took place today, the results of the poll suggest that Long-Bailey would win 42% of first preferences while Starmer would receive 37%. Jess Phillips is far behind on 9%, Lisa Nandy on 7% and Emily Thornberry on just 1%.
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