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Paul Flynn (Newport West) - silly old fart who gets his TenaMen in a twist over nuclear power, GM crops, mobile phones... basically buys any scare story and flogs it to death. He is a baseball enthusiast. I say no more. In favour he wants to legalise cannabis, but at 76 it's about time he gave it a rest.

Tom Harris (Glasgow South) - a right-wing god-bothering bore. Judgemental, apparently committed to Labour never winning again. Even worse, he is an ex-journalist and has defended tax avoidance by large corporations. His entire output seems to be informed by the Mail.
Denis MacShane is my particular bete noir. There's always something new to find about him:
Dr McShane was publicly criticised by the Association of Political Thought for wrongly accusing London School of Economics professor of political and gender theory Anne Phillips of supporting prostitution and filling the minds of her students with "poisonous drivel". He cited a question from an LSE reading list about the ethical differences between legal waged labour and prostitution as evidence for her supposed support for the latter.
Gisela Stuart for supporting the re-election of Bush:

"you know where you stand with George and, in today's world, that's much better than rudderless leaders who drift with the prevailing wind." She wrote that a victory for Democratic Party challenger, John Kerry, would prompt "victory celebrations among those who want to destroy liberal democracies. More terrorists and suicide bombers would step forward to become martyrs in their quest to destroy the West."
James Purnell but he's no longer an MP, Tom Harris I agree with totally.

There is nothing wrong with liking Baseball mind, I would have included Hazel "rock the boat" Blears but her campaign on interns has certaintly started to warm me.

Actually Paul Goggins & Tessa Jowell for the abject awful attempt to claim that the Work Programme that Labour introduced and then The Tories have taken on a revised was highly successful at Labour conference 2009.

Throw Keith Vaz in there for his stance on Computer games which he has never actually played and just taken heresay from the Mail newspaper.
The Red Arrow wrote:Ed Milliband for seeming to think giving the torylition enough rope to hang itself is enough. He should be kneeing it in the goolies and slamming its' head into a wall.

An Alex Salmond character (with a labour rosette) would have had the Skein Dhu into their Gizzards.
The likes of Gove would be crying for their mummies by now.
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