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Labout MP Stephen Pound, who was furious at the silencing of the clock, said: 'There are some serious questions to be answered.
'If they can't get that right then how can we have any confidence in the bill for the whole building?
'It's the worst parliamentary cost overrun since the last cost overrun and slipping the information out late on a wet Friday evening suggests to me someone is aware the impact this will have in the age of austerity.
Not a Labour MP
'In advance of tendering contracts, the initial high level estimates were set at a lower level to avoid cost escalation from the market

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MP Ian Lavery received £165,000 from the 10-member trade union he ran.
We have learned this from the trade union regulator which has now released a report into Mr Lavery's actions as general secretary of the NUM Northumberland Area.
He will now face questions on his record over a number of disputed payments by the union he ran.
Just another Jimmy Hoffa.
Ian Lavery is a coming power in the land, Jeremy Corbyn's general election joint co-ordinator and chairman of the Labour Party. If the Conservatives fall, he's most likely destined for high office.
This is why Labour are neck and neck they can match the Tories talent for talent. To be fair Lavery didn't seek this he had mediocrity thrust upon him.
Lavery could have got off lightly. The complaint was made more than 6 years after most of the events, and the union didn't need to have kept proper records.

One bit that jumped out to me was that he was "made redundant" and got a pay off just at the moment he became an MP. Is that a good use of union funds? The position was being abolished, that's true enough, but to me that's somebody getting another (well-paid) job. Doesn't a Socialist pass on an extra freebie from the Union?
He's got Paul Mason on his side.
Lavery is a hero and I stand by him too - I'm only sorry the BBC got suckered into a Tory HQ non-story & spent licence fee on it
Yeah heroically getting £165k off sick miners is really heroic Paul.
Robert Peston‏Verified account @Peston

Robert Peston Retweeted Stephen Kinnock

Literally unbelievable

Robert Peston added,
Stephen KinnockVerified account @SKinnock
Shameful that Big Ben refurb using foreign steel. We need a patriotic procurement policy that gives us a fair shot ... -industry/" onclick=";return false; …

7:44 am - 22 Oct 2017
Tetchy little prick Franck Field getting grief from his colleagues over his fantasy EU withdrawal bill
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Christian Calgie‏ @christiancalgie
Blurry screenshot but screamed when Frank Field said to Hillary Benn "I've always bought my houses, not inherited them" - LAMMY'S FACE

Mike Hind‏
Frank Field is the perfect Brexiter. Cheap ad hominem point scoring, symbolic emotive claptrap, threats if he doesn't get his way, the lot. No wonder LeaveEU love him.
youngian wrote:Tetchy little prick Franck Field getting grief from his colleagues over his fantasy EU withdrawal bill
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If you read the tweets that follow, they're almost all about how he's a great MP because he backs Leave. Nothing about what an arse he is on just about everything else; it's the only show in town.
Robert Peston‏ @Peston
Labour Remain MPs livid that Labour frontbench whipped MPs to vote with government on amendment to Customs Bill that would have kept open option of UK remaining in EU single market and customs union
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Barry Gardiner accuses Peston of nonsense by confirming what a policy outside of the CU looks like
Nonsense Robert!
We voted against an amendment that would have taken away any safety net against a No Deal Brexit.
Under WTO rules UK would have been unable to impose ANY tariff on goods from ANY country in the world.
Amendment was illiterate.
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