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I think there are some people who could be retained (Burgon not being one of them, because he's clearly just useless. RLB isn't brimming with talent either, but might need to be given a small role to placate things). The big difference is really the backroom staff. Corbyn's advisors and internal appointments vary from awful to awful with a side-order of bullying, via blatant nepotism and cronyism. Clear them out while retaining MPs and you've done a lot to fix things right there with a minimal appearance of a clear-out.

It's not because they're left-wing. It's because they're fucking dreadful, and - as it increasingly seems - dreadful people with it.
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Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see the cabal of the M's thrown out, with unnecessary force if needed :twisted:

Anyway, Seumas can apply for the job his old man had now it's become vacant :lol:
Today’s Burgon brain fart
Labour should print free tabloid-style newspaper for commuters, says Richard Burgon

And in other parts of the country there is the Metro, every time you go to work in Leeds or wherever you’ve got everyone reading the Metro because it’s there.

“It would be fantastic if the labour movement could invest in its own free newspaper given out on public transport, because that is when people will read it.”

He added: “It can be written in a tabloid style.

“You know, I’m no expert at that, but I think we need to consider every option in terms of getting our message out there.” ... -newspaper
Short of George Chisholm's last days in a nursing home that wouldn't let him keep his trombone, I can't think of a sadder ending than The Daily Herald's.

A Momentumite theory as to why Starmer won the Cambridge CLP nomination : “I heard that Islington North had voted the same way. Apparently they were told the same guff about elect-ability as we were. I have a suspicion that they are all singing from the same hymn sheet - presentations straight off the press at the Millbank Tower/Labour First headquarters.”
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