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Japan has used the system for subway trains for quite a while now and they appear to have helped with the problem. These subways are not famously low volume services. Chris Williamson was also only suggesting a consultation, where objections like yours could well be raised - he wasn't demanding that it be carved as a pledge into Ed Stone mk2 or anything like that.
That's the point, I believe.

It is an old trick to call for debate when you have a settled and controversial agenda - The Sun with the Muslim Problem last week, for example - but this instance seems legit. It is also made in the light of new figures suggesting that half the population would rightly be bricking it on the country's railways.

Given the nature of the problem and the rise in its occurrence, the examination of solutions can only be a good thing, and doesn't warrant being hit with a haddock.
Same with the 304s in South Manchester. They disappeared in the 80s when the sets were refurbished and cut down to 3 cars.

When I moved to that there London in the 1990s you would see single compartments in the peak but they had a red stripe along the top after a series of rapes.
Yes, on the EPBs the remaining ones with single compartments were only used at peak hours. Oddly, the Manchester-Bury 504s replaced ex LYR electric units in 1959, which dated back to 1916 and they were entirely open saloons and were gangwayed throughout the whole train. Much closer in design to modern trains.
Not so much hit with a haddock, but flip with a fishfinger. Emma Dent Coad. Yeah we all know Phil the racist probably dipped his wick in a few places, but it doesn't win many swing voters round to repeat old rumours.
What kind of tittle-tattle is that to bring up in a meeting of serious constitutional republicans? We have a rising rentagob star in Emma Dent Coat a Labour Peter Bone or David Davies. McCarthyite refugee and harmonica maestro Larry Adler was a member of Phil's drinking club rat pack. That's the most interesting thing I know about the duke.
Mentioned in passing in various rumours peripheral to the Profumo affair.

She built up a lot of goodwill in the aftermath of Grenfell. Architect, local MP etc. Don't piss it away.
Tubby Isaacs wrote:She was well out of order with the Grenfell judge apparently lacking "empathy". She'd never met him.

This sort of "judges need to live in the real world" drivel never ends well for the left.
What really disgusted me was how similar it was to the shite coming from the mail towards the Judges involved in the Gina Miller case.
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