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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:37 pm ... -1-8752541

The recently convicted MP for Peterborough is acting like nothing happened.
I could hardly read that article for all the fucking adverts reloading the page continuously.
Note from the Editor: We have been asked why the PT is publishing Fiona Onasanya’s columns following her conviction at the Old Bailey. The PT offers columns to the two sitting MPs covering Peterborough if they choose to submit one. While she is still the MP - and therefore the elected representative - we believe it would be wrong to deny our readers the chance to read what she has submitted. To censor the column would, in my view, be wrong, and in my experience our readers are quite capable of making their own minds up about the columns submitted by local politicians. The column will of course remain subject to our normal legal and Editor’s Code of Conduct boundaries. Editor - Mark Edwards
What have we come to, that an editor would need to write this about a Labour MP?
Boiler wrote:
Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:50 am ... l#comments

The Mail picks up on her comparing herself to Jesus and Moses...

Fiona ought not to be hanging around in Peterborough. There's Reading, Winnersh, Yateley...
They selected her in the first place, it doesn't surprise me they can't be trusted
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I think she might have been imposed when the snap election was called and the CLP wasn't organised. Same with Jared O'Mara, who has also proved to be a liability. :wink:

It's a huge shame though. Young, dynamic, black woman who'd overcome illness, been a lawyer, and served as a Councillor. Defeating one of the most obnoxious Tory MPs, Stewart Jackson.

And then she goes and does a Chris Huhne over something which would have got her 3 penalty points. :roll:
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Catkins wrote:
Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:05 pm
And then she goes and does a Chris Huhne over something which would have got her 3 penalty points. :roll:
She wouldn't have even got that. She'd have got a Driver Awareness Course - no points involved.
I think it was understandable Labour made a couple of mistakes doing selections so quickly. In terms of getting Labour's act together with a campaign and manifesto (not that I liked it all that much) it was a very professional job overall. The Tories were much worse prepared, and they knew the election was coming.

It's the next election I'm worried about, where (even without too many deselections) we're going to get an array of know nothing drones.
It’s just a total fucking lie. It’s such a massive load of bullshit, there’s not even any plausible way it could be framed as an error or misunderstanding. It’s just a straight choice between Gardiner is a complete fucking idiot or Gardiner is a deliberate liar doing the work of the Tories for them to keep his boss happy.
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