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mattomac wrote:
Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:03 pm
Explain what the Remainers have got out of it?

If May was a proper leader rather than a party manager she would have searched for a national consensus before A50 was triggered as the Norwegians did following a wafer-thin referendum majority and we would now be heading for an EEA type settlement in which the Remain case would have been marginalised. Instead, the Brexiters' project is hanging by a thread due to their own fanaticism, hubris and incompetence.
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Because, as a memorable advert for Newcastle Brown Ale put it, nothing sells beer like grainy newsreel footage of folk who had it tougher than you.

Old pig ignorant gimmers from the rough end of Barnsley help sophisticated metropolitan elites feel a bit more grounded, a bit more real. A bit more working class.
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