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Ah John Mann.

Problem with John Mann’s views is it completely ignores FPTP and most of the vote analysis on Brexit.

He may I assume be hearing stuff on the doorstep (knowing my old local MP and his tours I’m not sure what he would be picking up from this) and no doubt his email box is full of people pushing for Brexit but of course they would.
I think that John Mann is that troublesome combination of being as thick as mince and as stubborn as mule crossbred with a limpet (were such a thing possible, which it isn't.)

He makes the mistake of treating electors in his constituency, and in other "northern" constituencies who voted in 2016 to Leave, as a kind of amorphous blob, who will vote as one against Labour with a terrible vengeance at the merest hint that Labour might be advocating that people be given another opportunity to consider the momentous decision to relinquish the UK's membership of the EU. He therefore translates this false assumption into an implacably pig-headed oppostion to support for a new referendum. And refuses to shift from that position. Thick. Limpet. Remember?

This ignores two things : that the 2016 majority in favour of Leave in Bassetlaw and elsewhere "northern" was assuredly not made up exclusively of traditional Labour voters. There will have been some, for sure, but also Tories, Kippers, people that had never bothered to vote before - and may never bother again - and even the odd Lib Dem or Green. The second thing Mann fails to consider is that things have changed since 2016. Massively. Most relevantly, reliable opinion polling shows that every single Leave voting constituency in the country now favours Remain, to a greater or lesser degree.

So Mann is fearful for his seat. Self-interest, driven by a lamentable failure to understand the issue, combined with sheer pig-headedness. Why on earth do we let chumps like this be Labour parliamentary candidates? At least he's not signed up to The Cult, I suppose. Small mercies.
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Abernathy wrote:
Tue Mar 05, 2019 12:27 am
I think that John Mann is that troublesome combination of being as thick as mince and as stubborn as mule crossbred with a limpet (were such a thing possible, which it isn't.)
Haven't you just described a Yorkshireman?
Pressure from conservative/religious parents isn't new. In Tower Hamlets, some Muslim parents linked up with Christian anti-abortionists. Lutfur Rahman sent one of his more prominent councillors to meet them and, as far as I can tell, nothing untoward happened afterwards. That's what's got to happen here.
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Tue Mar 05, 2019 4:57 pm
Moral relativism. No.
I think the point is that a few bigots will be confused about which particular strand of bigotry to pursue.

Hate the muslamics, or bash the gays. WTF ????
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Yup. Personally I'd say teach your kids whatever you want at home, but school is about preparing them for life in modern Britain.

Plus, as some have pointed out, many of the complaints about the school are coming from people saying they're Christians. But that little detail isn't being widely reported.
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