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Tristram Hunt.

For this.

Apparently we are losing contact with our past because we aren't all christians...

And up till now I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Anyone involved with this (apart from Ed Milliband) ... rple-book/" onclick=";return false;

Winners like Jacqui Smith and Stephen Twigg are among the contributors.

And any Labour spokesman on defence ever. They all do the "Tories are leaving us dangerously exposed" crap- I bet the Chinese sail up the Medway when they realise that aircraft carrier doesn't have planes on it.
Charles Clarke has left politics. Or as one Tweeter pointed out, politics has left him.

Oh dear. He will be missed. How sad. Oh never mind...

Apart from anything else we in the party will miss his forceful and eloquent support in the last 18 months...

My favourite Clarke stories:
When Jamie Oliver brought in the Turkey Twizzlers and other school-dinner rubbish he gave the Secretary of State some to try and asked him what he thought. Clarke asked if here were any more. (I believe this, I was told by someone who was there).

The DfE canteen started a healthier eating campaign. Except for the one person who could force them to give him fried bread with his breakfast - guess who?

When at education he did very little, but he did close down a lot of programmes he didn't make the effort to understand. Some of them aimed at the very people he was supposed to be fighting for. A true haddock candidate.
While I'm at it I'll chuck in David Blunkett, just for old times' sake.
And Ruth Kelly. Utterly humourless, utterly ineffective Blair and Adonis android. Did nothing. Waste of space.
Nice tweet from my good friend politicalhackuk :

Charles Clarke quits politics and Westlife quit performing. coincidence? I think not.
John Prescott Tweets:
Charles Clarke announces he's quit frontline politics. In the same spirit I've informed Capello I don't wish to be selected for Euro 2012
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:I despise Adonis. Ex-SDP, religious nutter, risk-averse.
The Academies programme currently thriving in Cheltenham. The sink school has been knocked down and at least £25m spent on rebuilding it. A few hundred yards away from the old school, in its grounds.
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