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The suggestion is that EU will be more right wing next time, the suggestion is that it will still moderately controlled by the centre.

So the repeal of these rights is unlikely, secondary this version of right wing populism won't be that bothered with workers rights, just the basic human rights of others.
Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 3:29 pm
These tropes, they aren't from a British far right perspective, are they?
No, more the fiscal responsibility of the EU and the creation of a unified European 'superstate'.
youngian wrote:
Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:41 pm
Ian Lavery shows the way for Neoliberal corporatisation of your loving pet ... rack-races
It's an improvement on getting your own members to pay for your mortgage.
He claims its the fourth biggest spectator sport behind football, horse racing, and rugby.

I'd find it hard to believe that more go to greyhound racing than to cricket. And as for motorsports, Silverstone gets about 300k over the weekend, thousands go to touring car meetings, and you can normally rely on at least 2000 pitching up at the top end speedway fixtures....
Greyhound racing is dying because it is so bent. Odds at horseracing usually roughly correlate with the results whereas GH odds may as well have been plucked out of the air. Punters who go to betting sports tend to notice these sort of things. I no longer attend since becoming a sighthound owner and see the physical and psychological state of some of the rescue GHs.
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The sad demise of Alan Johnson who is now a weedy Grange Hill sidekick bully to Portillo's Gripper. In Alan's defence, he's always claimed to just be a humble political hack. A rising popular economist a few weeks back sat stunned as Portillo and Johnson barracked, sneered and laughed at this man and his work instead of engaging in an adult discussion. Among Alan's pearls of wisdom, last night was the claim that a PV on May's deal will be seen as "a stitch up" by the public. If Remain was both options then that would be a stitch up. As was Leave campaigning on a blank canvass in 2016.
Burgon wants a protectionist autarky but is too cowardly to argue for it in public. So hides behind Rees-Mogg’s rhetoric to stir up the far right. He’s a waste of space.

Perhaps I’m being over sensitive but would quiet lifer Lucy Powell be OK with Sinn Féin MPs making this kind of ‘observation’?
Alex Andreou isn't a fan of Burgon. Nor I reckon is Simon Wren-Lewis, who retweeted it. I hope Labour can get Wren-Lewis and the others back. One mistake Owen Smith made was ignoring the good work the economic advisers had done. Ought to have guaranteed they'd continue with his full support.

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