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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:48 pm
Mrs A reckons that Mann is the Labour equivalent of Marc François.
I think she has it about right.
He also comes across as a 'professional Northerner'.

When Tristram Hunt resigned his seat Mann Tweeted that his constituents couldn't afford to send their children to fancy expensive museums down in that there London. Helpful replies pointed out the V&A is free and the A1 is in Mann's constituency (costing less to reach London per pupil on a 51 seater coach than a couple of pints). You'd expect that kind of bollocks from Farage or Francois, not a Labour MP. I understand there are museums in the North and East Midlands as well.

I'd recommend The Bubblecar Museum in Boston where children from Bassetlaw can see what Brtish cars would look like if twats like John Mann were running the country
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In fairness to Mann, it's estimated that slightly more of his voters supported Leave in 2017, but there' a substantial number of 2017 voters who didn't or couldn't vote in 2016. This group is reckoned to skew heavily to Remain.

But no way are most of his voters working class leave voters.
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