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By Danson's Forehead
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mr angry manchester wrote:Facing The Meat Slicer was the only one of theirs I remember
I think they had a 5-second song called, simply, 'Fuck'.
By Bones McCoy
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mr angry manchester wrote:
Old Applejack wrote:
Danson's Forehead wrote:I had never previously heard of this Piers Corbyn chap.

His name reminds me of those computer management games from the 90s that, after a couple of seasons, would generate fictitious players with names based on the limited pool of players already within the system, so you would end up with players called 'Sol Shearer' or 'David Scholes'. He's like a Mailwatch version of that.
When I was at uni, I crafted Vinnie Ince into a superstar central defender.
Paul ince was a good player but Vinny Jones was a joke with no footballing ability whatsoever
Football's fortune was acting's loss.
By youngian
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When a popular history book of this dismal period in the nation's history is written it should be called 'Ed Miliband was right about most stuff.'

Ed Miliband‏ @Ed_Miliband Oct 4
cough..I am sure I've have heard this somewhere before.

Theresa May‏ @theresa_may
Energy bills are too high and the market isn’t working for ordinary people. We will bring forward legislation to cap energy bills.

Ed Miliband‏ @Ed_Miliband
I'm old enough to remember when predator companies, raging inequality and the crisis in capitalism were controversial ideas...
By mattomac
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bluebellnutter wrote:
Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:55 am
It really could have made him as a leader had the vote taken place while he was still leader. He'd have been everywhere.
I think so too, tis a shame really, he should have remained for 6 months to see transition and then of course when Cameron made his quick referendum decision he could have remained to see that period.
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