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By Andy McDandy
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That again was an example of what you can do with a remorseless message. If you asked people any time over the last 7 years if we should reduce the deficit, they'd say yes, of course. Ask them what the deficit was (not the amount, the concept) and you'd get blank stares. What the Tories did was take a complex issue and put it in stark black and white terms. We need to reduce the deficit because it's a deficit and it needs to be reduced. Disagree? Question the logic? Deficit denier, and doesn't that just roll off the tongue?
By davidjay
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visage wrote:He suffered from what Labour will continue to suffer from until its addressed - the myth that the post 2008 recession was Labour's fault.

Keeping quiet in the hope that the Tories wont use their most powerful card is naive.
And he led an election campaign based on the premise of "We're sorry and we won't do it again." Even the stuff they should have been boasting about.
By Abernathy
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On the Last Leg, Ed was self-deprecating, not afraid of taking a joke, funny, looking good, and charming - certainly an improvement on Corbyn's "7/10" appearance before the referendum last year. To his credit, he refused directly to criticise Compo on the not unreasonable grounds that he knew what it was like to be a leader subject to savage criticism and didn't want to add to Jez's woes, but it didn't take a genius to know that he thinks Corbyn is a disastrous liability anyway.
By youngian
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Its a good vehicle for a politician as it blends the serious with comedy. HIGNFY format isn't kind to politicians are they completely on the satirists and comedians' turf. I fondly remember Glenda Jackson wiping the floor with them but she swam with bigger fish than Angus Deayton when he was in short trousers.
By The Weeping Angel
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Probably because a lot of them started out as Milifans. Always seeing sinister Blairites as the source of all the problems Ed had, and organising twitter storms to defend him against the MSM. It's not a surprise that then ended up as Corbynistas.
By youngian
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I've just been alerted that Ed is sitting in for Jeremy Vine on the radio and doing a good show. He's been having a discussion about toilets:
"When you have a big job it'll take 3 or 4 flushes... And then you're left with skid marks" GOLDEN LISTENING Ed Miliband Radio 2

He's had to interview Piers Corbyn about the weather who he described as a "Mystic Meg type person."

"Here's Carol King"
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