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By Tubby Isaacs
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Look at this rubbish. ... n-the-nhs/" onclick=";return false;
Unite’s leverage department generated a storm of publicity with its actions during the Grangemouth dispute. Directors of the employer, Ineos, were targeted in their homes, with one executive calling the police after a leverage squad of 25 protesters arrived on his road, complete with banners and a giant, inflatable rat.

Now, word reaches Uncut that the union’s leverage squads will be turning their attention to private sector involvement in the NHS.
Evidence is this extract from a letter by Len McCluskey.
Our Leverage Department has now turned its efforts towards protecting our NHS…Unite will not stand by as the vested interest groups carve up the NHS for private gain and our Leverage Department has begun work to protect accident and emergency wards in your community, to protect hospitals and GP centres under threat in your community, and to expose and prevent the vested interest groups who tender for NHS work, those groups who have profit before patient care
Uncut conclude.
The inevitable question that will be asked of Ed Miliband and Andy Burnham will be whether they back Unite’s decision to deploy leverage squads over the NHS.

If they condemn it, the story will be about another Labour-Unite spat. If they do not, then the old headlines about Labour being in the pocket of Unite and trade union militancy, will be recycled.

Either way, Labour is about to be put on the defensive.
Yep, campaign on Labour's best political issue. On the defensive.
By new puritan
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I wonder what the Labour Tories think is worse - standing around outside a boss' house for a bit or actually depriving a worker of their home by sacking them. Scratch that, of course we already know the answer.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Had the misfortune to come across one of these Labour Uncut people on Twitter.

I took exception at their anti-London stuff, which is basically UKIP stuff, thin on policy apart from some illegal immigration reductions. It was said London Labour (bad) was moving to the Right, on the basis of some MPs having reservations about the Mansion Tax. This was contrasted with Scottish Labour (good) who were moving to the Left- which was odd, seeing I thought Jim Murphy had won their MPs, MSPs, MEPs by a street. I asked about members, and reply came there none.

I have no idea what they actually want. Think they're just stirrers.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Jeez. ... had-to-go/" onclick=";return false;
Emily Thornberry is a week late with her spin.

In an interview with the Islington Tribune, her “truck-driving, builder brother,” Ben, refutes accusations that his sister is a snob after infamously tweeting a photograph of a house displaying England flags with a white van in the drive, blaming her demise on “cut-throat and dirty politics”.

Really, when in a hole, stop digging.

Now she has brought her brother into the equation, Ms Thornberry has given license to any national newspaper to crawl around and see if, indeed, Ben Thornberry, is a tradesman (implied but not actually stated in the piece). “Builder” can cover anything from semi-skilled scaffolder, through to millionaire property developer. Expect to find out more in the Mail on Sunday or The Sun.

But none if this alters the fact most people aren’t ex-barristers living in three million pound houses married to high court judges with honorary titles. Moreover, unlike Lady Nugee, most people’s dads don’t go on to become the assistant secretary-general of the United Nations. She should have known better than to sneer at the voters for her lofty perch.
Lapping up UKIP and reheated Republican bollocks all the way.

And love the idea that newspapers need permission to do any of this shit.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Rob Marchant ‏@rob_marchant 28m28 minutes ago
Can I say just how much the British left should *not* express solidarity with this Putin-supporting bunch of clowns?
The beyond the pale Putin supporters seem to be Syriza.

Foreign affairs, where New Labour's sense of moral mission was such a success.
By davidjay
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:Wish I were as confident as you. Think Cameron could pull an instant EU referendum out of his arse and put crucial swivel eyed loons on his vote.
He'd split the Tory hierarchy and he's also, you'd think, learned from the Scottish independence vote about the dangers of giving away too many demands during an election campaign. A referendum announcement would be the nuclear button.
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