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As do populists. See 'Brexit is Trump is Le Pen'.

For people so concerned about national particularities, they don't half merge their message into a pan-national melange of general bitterness and confusion.
Abernathy wrote:
WTF? wrote:Tony Blair launches pushback against 'frightening populism' ... g-populism" onclick=";return false;

I find it difficult to disagree with anything he's saying in that piece. Come back Tony, all is forgiven.
I find that quite cheering, and exciting. Thank Dawkins somebody is doing something to try to arrest the dread slide into a world of shite.
Me too. I'd have him back in a heartbeat. Don't fancy his chances of influencing Brexit in any way though. Still, you never know.
Laura Kuenssberg‏ Verified account

Yowsers, Blair has told Sky May will be PM IF polls are right - that will endear him even more to Team Corbyn

10:10 AM - 27 Apr 2017
Hang on...isn't that just a statement of fact?
She's overtly right-wing in what she does, she breaks any attempt at journalistic neutrality in a way that makes Nick Robinson look like a paragon of even-handedness. She's a hack and if the BBC had a spine she'd be out on her arse.
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Shared. Right on the fucking money.