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By new puritan
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Balls doing some more posturing.
Ed Balls will on Thursday instruct colleagues to start identifying spending cuts in a “zero-based spending review” which he says will help a Labour government put Britain’s budget back into surplus.

The shadow chancellor insists that the exercise will be “tough” and look at spending in every department, including the NHS, as he tries to counter Conservative claims that Labour lacks the discipline to eliminate the deficit.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Balls portrays himself as a fiscal disciplinarian who wants to support business and who is at ease with Bank of England governor Mark Carney’s vision of a fast-growing City.

“Labour will only succeed as a pro-business party,” he insists, committing a future Ed Miliband government to running a budget surplus, reducing national debt and investing to promote the country’s growth potential. ... z2nudo7tWM" onclick=";return false;

I really find it extraordinary that the entire political class seems to think running a budget surplus would be 'back to normal' in some way. Given how rare budget surpluses have been for the last 35 years, this couldn't be much further from the truth. Osborne's talking out of his arse, so why is Balls allowing himself to be bullied like this?
By Tubby Isaacs
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Vowing a surplus. ... et-surplus" onclick=";return false;

I can see why he feels he has to. But I think with our demographics, it's going to be very hard to do that for a while. Just to promise debt falling as a percentage of GDP would have been fine.
By new puritan
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Loads of rich right-wing business types all over the Tory papers today wailing and gnashing their teeth about the return of the 50p tax rate. Which I'd imagine is just what the Labour leadership was hoping for.
By The Red Arrow
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That's what I was thinking. The more the 1% whinge, the more likely the 99% are to wake up.

Edit: Apparently civil war has broken out within Labour (source: Heil on Sunday). Looks like someone's frightened.

Re-edit: Mr Fenton's noticed...
Sunday, 26 January 2014
Dacre Gofers Play Kick Balls ... balls.html" onclick=";return false;
By new puritan
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Very, very funny reaction from the Tory commentariat. Reminiscent of their hysterical response to the (very popular) energy price freeze policy.

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Love watching these dickheads bleat and whinge on behalf of the 'wealth creators' totally oblivious to the fact that most people fucking hate them. Nobody believes the 'wealth creators' twaddle outside the Tory bubble. They'd do well to drop it.
By Messianic Trees
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Balls' 50p tax will hardly touch deficit, say experts: Business backlash against Labour as party slips in polls
Institute for Fiscal Studies members say plans will raise 'little revenue'
Clothing tycoon Richard Caring accuses Balls of 'Socialist nonsense'
Boris Johnson calls for Chancellor to cut top rate tax to 40p

Read more: ... z2rghZ2u9T" onclick=";return false;
Clothing tycoon Richard Caring, who also owns restaurants including The Ivy, accused Mr Balls of peddling 'extreme socialist nonsense' and said it would be 'impossible' for Labour to get funds from wealthy individuals in future.
Caring is non-domiciled for taxation purposes in the United Kingdom
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This doesn't exactly fill me with optimism:

Ed Balls 'daunted' by chancellor task
Ed Balls has told me that he is "daunted" at the prospect of becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer, given the scale of cuts a future Labour government may have to make.
Surely a hearty and determined "I am relishing the prospect of reversing the scandalous wrongs of this current self-serving abomination of a Government" would be more appropriate....but yeah "I am daunted"....go for it Ed, you big soft chump. :(
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