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By new puritan
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A year ago Mr Miliband is understood to have favoured a rolling renationalisation whereby each franchise would return automatically to public hands as it ended. But Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, resisted that plan, according to party insiders. Mr Balls said last month he did not want to return to the “ideological” nationalised system of the past. ... z374Is9npP" onclick=";return false;

Left-wing policies are ideological but right-wing policies are just good old common sense, even when they involve pissing billions of pounds away entirely needlessly. And even though it's coming from a vested interest this is a fair point:
Mr Griffiths, who chairs the industry-wide Rail Delivery Group – which represents train operating companies, Network Rail and freight companies – said DOR lacked the structure, capacity and management record to bid for multiple franchises.
By Tubby Isaacs
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The Balls-Shoesmith case back in the news. As most people thought, he acted the arsehole and led to her being sacked illegally.

Good reason to bring Darling back and banish this underperformer (since 2012 anyway) to the backbenches? Or move him to another brief where they're short?

I wonder whether Hunt might come a bit better now Gove has gone. Few of his (fairly unambitious) policies are starting to resonate.
By Catkins
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Balls has doubled down on the Shoesmith issue
The Education Act gave me, as the secretary of state, the power to remove somebody from a statutory position if I judged public confidence required that. That was my judgment and I'd make the same decision today.
I assume that 'public confidence' is code for 'appeasing Murdoch's rags'. Absolutely no recognition that a person should be allowed due process, no matter how serious the accusation.
By Tubby Isaacs
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If it comes to that, I'll be reasonably kind, because I think his target of having a balanced budget on current spending isn't too bad in the current climate. You could probably get an extra 3 or 4 percent of good extra spending like that.

I see Crossrail, a big project, is going very well. More of that (conceivably not serving the City or Canary Wharf) would be nice.
By new puritan
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Useful piece here on what Balls' commitment to Tory spending plans actually means. ... -tory.html" onclick=";return false;

As Fisher points out, Balls has given himself some room for manoeuvre with capital spending but infrastructure investment takes time to filter through to living standards. For all McCluskey's tough talk, it doesn't come as a surprise to learn that the unions just waved the white flag.
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